Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Reading Day

I ran off to Walmart to pick up a few things to hold me over until Wed. 

I put things away and had some breakfast. Then Fred and I went on weed patrol and watered the plants in prep for another hot day.

Washed 2 loads of clothes and then read for the rest of the day with occasional outs with Fred. Best way to not have to turn the A/C up to high just don't move much.

Good Night All


  1. Hope you have a peaceful day without Labor--reading sounds like a great way to pass a hot day!

  2. Sound like you've moved into the holiday mode.

  3. Hi Sondra,

    Going to my daughters to have breakfast made by her! Have a wonderful day.

    Good morning John,

    Yes I am and I know you are too. Enjoy your day

  4. The great part about this time of year is that the nights cool down nicely. No hot house in the mornings! At least for a while.

  5. Hi JMD,

    Yes the nights and early mornings are great. Just about another 2 weeks and the temps will be great! Hope you enjoy your Labor Day