Sunday, August 31, 2014

Labor Day The Close Of Summer?

Actually just the end of fun for some. The kids here have been back in school for some time already. Never could understand them going back in such heat. But other places school starts this coming week or the week after. Most  pools close .

This morning we decided to do breakfast at Tracy's house so we could all sit down together at the table since my truck only holds 2 people. I picked up the stuff for a good Mexican breakfast made by Tracy. It sure was good.

After we ate we went to a couple of stores so Tracy could pick up laundry stuff. None of the stores were able to take cards or checks. Guess they all use the same system or something. So we pooled our money and she picked up what she needed.

We did manage to get the truck cleaned too. It was so dirty from the blowing dust and then all the rain that managed to get under the car port..

I headed home and it was still early but the crazy's were already on the road. Switching lanes and not even caring if there was enough room, Then switching back to the other lane. A car in front of me was driving on the side of the road and another fool got in the lane the first fool should have been in. I slowed way down to get far back enough of these two idiots. The car driving on the side of the road must have realized he wasn't in a lane and tried to get over again. I was so happy when I backed into my driveway I could have kissed the ground.

So it was time to close up the house and read which led to a nap. I woke up and read a little more and then felt another nap coming on.
Hey what else was there to do.

I finally ate lunch around 3:30 it was time to watch some TV since they are giving lots of free channels this weekend. Well there still wasn't much to watch. Settled on Wild Animals on Nat Geo. 

Tomorrow I will not leave my yard unless it's to go to visit someone right here in the Village.

Hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day.

Good Night All 


  1. You want to see bad drivers go to Oregon. Yikes.

    May I borrow Tracy for a Mexican breakfast? I will return her to you when she is done. :-D Promise.

    I know, we were going to go to the store and I said never mind, I don't like going out when it is killer hot and I had fooled around earlier when we should have left. Oh well.

  2. If I didn't have fat cells? I wouldn't even get on holiday weekends to go to the market.... but .. I have 'em and I'm out of staples and ... rats ....

    Breakfast sounds wonderful! hahaaa JMD wants to borrow her ... maybe she can make the rounds of your blog pals ... ha

  3. Hi JMD,

    I don't know about loaning her out. hahaha but she sure made a great breakfast. I didn't mind washing the dishes one bit after.

    Hi Carolyn,

    Maybe if we charge everyone. hahaa

    I was hoping to not leave my house this morning but alas I must go get grandson so he can have the new bed I bought for my spare room. Some took his bed in a move. I bet it will make Fred happy to have his man cave back all to himself again.

  4. It sounds like you were driving in Sacramento!

  5. Hi Gypsy,

    I liked this town much better when it was still small and friendly.

  6. LOL kiss the ground eh?
    I ended up at Lowes along with everyone else in town..I forgot about it being a was kinda in the back of my mind, but I managed to get through it...I think 40 dozen Lowes associates asked if I was finding everything okay?? *scream* Then when I did ask one for help he was no help at all...go figure.

  7. Hi Sondra,

    Yikes Lowe's! today you must have skipped the holiday thought for sure. But it always happens when you really do need help you can't find anybody or they don't know what your talking about.