Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Accomplished And Some Positive News

We had a really great morning. It was cool and not to humid. Fred and I hung out and I pulled some weeds. Then he smelled his friend Sparky and I let him run over to catch up with him on his way into the house.  They had a great morning playing and running all over the house. I sat and had coffee with Twyla while the boys played.

When the boys tired out we went home. It was starting to get humid and warm again, but managed not to turn on the a/c for another hour or so.

I got started planning on the Neighborhood Watch Pizza gathering for Oct. I managed to get the club house reserved and made a few calls to secure some speakers. I'll do a write up for the News Letter next month and another one for Oct. Will have to make up a little sign also for those who don't read the news letter. Then I will price out a shredder for a door prize, hope that will bring in more people. Next month I will hold a meeting with our other member to plan on other things for this gathering.

I received a call today from Darrell about setting up the battery tomorrow, he will be here at 7:30 am. So I ran to the store and picked up a few things I needed so I won't have to worry about going out tomorrow. Shall I get excited now? OH YES!!

Good Night All


  1. Wow, sounds like you're getting ready for people to have a lot of fun, Jo. Nice that you are so active in your community. Cool weather is coming. :)

  2. Hello Nancy,

    I hope to bring in a few more volunteers since some of out helpers are really up in age now. It isn't much more than making calls to alert residents of burglaries in out Village. I sure wish it was cooler weather coming to stay but it's still to early.

  3. The drawing prize is a great idea, way to go! I will come, ok? lol Getting ready for another big lightning and thunder storm in a few minutes and the humidity is way nasty.

  4. Staples has some good prices on micro-shredder. Ask the manager for an extra discount for the publicity.

  5. I sure could use a shredder!! Great idea, we had a couple decent weather days but tomorrow humidity goes back up again...but soon it will be Fall!!!

  6. Hope you have a great turnout for the Neighborhood Watch Pizza get together.

    And I am so happy you are getting that battery work done!

  7. Hi JMD,

    Come on over I will make you a member lol, I thought we would get some good rain today but nothing much. Stuck my head out a while ago and it was drizzling a little.

    Hi Phil,

    Welcome to my ramblings. I'll check them out.

    Hi Sondra,

    You can come too. I'll have call lists for you and JMD we could use all the help we can get. The day was so so easy temps but high humidity. Just keep saying Fall is on the way and maybe it will come.

    Hi Sharon,

    been missing you on your blog! Thanks for the wishes on our turn out.