Tuesday, August 12, 2014

We Got Rain

It was cooler this morning for a little while but really humid. I had the windows open for a little bit. But I just couldn't stand the humidity so closed up the house and turned on the A/C.

I played around with pictures some and printed out a few more and framed a few.

Did some crocheting on an off.

It was such a dark day no sun at all. Then the wind came up and it started to rain. And boy did it rain. This time it did cool down to 70 degrees. I opened everything up and stood out on the porch for a while. It rained for about 2 hrs. Then the humidity claimed the cool and I closed up the house again. It has rain on off since and just now it rained for a bit. 
Just thought I would throw a few pictures in today 
 Dog of the sun or is it sun dog

Good Night All


  1. If it weren't for the danged humidity. Never seem to be able to get used to it. Ever.

  2. Glad you got rain. It rained late afternoon and all night with the humidity half killing us. Today more rain is in the forecast with its friend "humidity" ugh.

  3. Hi Bob,
    After living here for 40 yrs. and not getting much humidity except for this time of year it is awful. Sure happy I have a/c of course when the bill comes I am not all that happy.

    Hi JMD,

    We sure did get lots of rain yesterday and a few really loud cracks of thunder. Fred wasn't sure if he liked it or not. LOL