Friday, August 1, 2014

Blogger Stuff

It rained all night and into the early morning hours. It was cooler than usual but the humidity started to build and it was unbearable by 10 am.

I have notices when I comment on some of the blogs I get e-mails in my spam that say undeliverable. I went to check and they were on the blogs so I don't know why that does that. Then some blogger's used to send private e-mails in answer to the comments. I used to get the e-mails but now they also show up in my spam folder. Of course I won't open them because I am not really sure that's what they are. Is any one else experiencing this?

Other than that I have not done much except clean the bathrooms,  kitchen counters and vacuum.

Hope you all have a safe and wonderful weekend.

Good Night All


  1. No problem at all with your comments and nothing showing up in my spam folder.

  2. I sometimes get spam email from persons I recognize. I can often tell it's spam by reading the first few words of the message. Usually you will see the email of the sender, and then the first few words of the mail. If it looks like a link to something else - i.e., starts out: www.***./*** you can be sure it's spam and should just Delete it. Above all, don't open it because that's when it can infect your system and/or your email. I often have mail in my spam folder that isn't spam, so I just click "not spam".

    I've gotten so I can pretty well tell if someone sends me an email that is spam - even had a couple supposedly from my daughter, but I could tell it transmitted a link. If you want to send someone a link that can be done safely for them - just write some words telling the person you are passing along a link, or thought they might be interested, etc. If in doubt, don't open an email.

  3. Good morning John,

    Good to hear no problems from me.

    Hello Gypsy,

    I sometimes get things in spam folder that I know aren't spam too. this is different. I was just wondering if anyone has experienced this. I never open links unless it is sent my someone I know and they explain what it is. I also never open anything that has no subject unless I have talked to the person and knew they where sending something.

  4. It has been nice to take a break from the heat and today we are supposed to get rain. 60% chance, woo hoo.

    My daughter is coming to visit! Hooray, it will be her first time to come here since we moved three years ago. A bit overdue but welcome.

  5. Hi JMD,

    How fantastic to have a visit from your daughter. She isn't coming now is she. Sept. would be better but when ever she gets here it will be wonderful for you to see her.

    If it wasn't for the humidity today would be such a great day, with the low temps but I can see I will be turning on the a/c soon

    1. She is coming now because her kids would be in school in Sept. She used to live in Phoenix (hated it) and so she understands about heat. Nevertheless it will be so great and I am beyond excited.

    2. I bet you are. Maybe the heat gods will be kind while she is here. Have fun and enjoy.

  6. Jo, I have no problems with your comments on my blog. They all show up -- and I always appreciate them!

    I am at Wordpress instead of Blogspot, though. Maybe that makes a difference?

  7. Hi Sharon,

    My comments show up but for some reason I get a spam e-mail saying they didn't post. Weird.

    And it may make a difference but I just don't know, it isn't a problem just Weird. :)