Wednesday, September 3, 2014


WOW did the weather change today. I went out with Fred and got smacked in the face with high humidity. 

Had lots to do today so I figured I better get going. But I can't leave before 8:30 am so I can make sure Fred is fed. 

Stopped at the club house to drop off HOA fee.

Once that was done I went for gas since I was riding on fumes. $3.23 gl. was nice and it lowered the full tank price by $7.

Next hair cut. Not a good job but at least it's cut and it will grow back in and I will make sure she never cuts it again.

Then off to Neighborhood Grocery Store. I need lots of stuff but it sure didn't look like that much stuff for the cost. 

By then it was hot and nasty and couldn't wait to unload and get settled and cooled off. 

Tomorrow Dr. at 12:15 it will really be nice and nasty by then. :(

Good Night All


  1. Your weather has got to break soon, it's almost fall.

  2. The only good thing about hair cuts is that eventually it grows and covers up the disaster. Last time I got mine cut one side was over an inch shorter than the other. Irritating.

  3. Thinking I need a haircut too. Since Dr. appt for today was cancelled might do it today. Don't envy you the heat and humidity there.

  4. Gas here is about 3.17 for regular--but with my tank its a $75 fill up! I really gotta get a small car for everyday use since my son is using my Blazer which I miss a lot!!!
    I have a Bad Hair Day Hat, I can loan

  5. Good morning John,

    They are telling us this week should finish out the monsoon season so no more humidity at least.

    Hi JMD,

    Maybe its just my hair that won't co operate but this is getting bad. Yes it will grown back and look even worse. Maybe they thought you wanted a really new look.

    Hi Phyllis,

    Sometimes even a bad hair cut is better than no hair cut at all. Hope this week will be the end of the humidity at least.

    Hi Sondra,

    Wow you van has a bigger tank than my truck. It cost around $54. when the price was up to $3.49. One of the reasons I didn't do any traveling was the cost of gas.

    I have plenty of bad hair hats myself LOL But thanks for the offer

  6. I always liked some humidity (keeps the skin from drying out so badly) but I'm not as used to it anymore, so I can feel the effects when we do get it. It's really only bad when the temps are very high.

  7. Hi Gypsy,

    Yes it is better for the skin but not this much the humidity is so high you can cut it with a knife no breeze nothing and hot too.

  8. I'll be glad to see fall come in for good, Jo. Hasn't been the worst summer, but I hate any weather over 80 degrees. Doesn't really make much difference to me, any more. I'm stuck in the house not being able to walk, and my sweet Jack's legs are getting weaker. I ordered one of those lifts for his hind legs. He's in no pain--think he just can't feel his legs. He's a happy boy. It's hard to see him struggle to get up. Once he's up, though, he's okay. Smooches to Fred.

  9. Hi Nancy,

    Sorry your back to not being able to walk and Jack having trouble to. I wonder how he will take to the dog walker. At least he isn't in pain and that's important I wish I was closer to you I would keep you company and would love to help out anyway I can. Hugs to you and Jack