Thursday, September 11, 2014

Please Never Let Us Forget All Who Lost Their Lives

Today was a sad day for Americans let us never forget this date.

My friend Tom came by this morning and re installed word for me. Now I guess that means I need to get busy making the changes that came up during the summer with my Neighborhood Watch people. I need to schedule a meeting sometime this month to get ready for the G.A.I.N Pizza party. ( Getting Arizona Involved in Neighborhoods). I'm going to do it 1more yr. and then I will resign as I want to be free to travel. I can now but it takes lots of time especially in winter when all the residents are back.

Later on in the afternoon my friend called and asked me to ride over to Macy's with her. OMG! her driving almost made me dirty my pants. WHY  do people have to tailgate? I was a wreck. Of course that makes her slam on the brakes. I told her I needed a Valium when I got home.

That was the extent of my day.

Good Night All


  1. I think I was pushing on the brake pedal while I read the story about your trip to Macy's. Only once have I been with someone that did that (on an Interstate!) and I never went with them again. I am sure it took 10 years off my life. :-(

  2. I JMD,

    Yes we where on the Interstate and town streets too. If there is more people in the car I head for the back seat.

  3. A lot of drivers in Sacramento tend to tailgate, as well as to switch lanes constantly, and it makes me nervous. I try to leave some space between me and the car in front of me, but that means other cars are always darting in. It's a wonder more people aren't killed in traffic in Sacramento.

  4. She used to live there maybe that's where it comes from. Just to scary.

  5. I have been know to scream out loud --that works sometimes.

  6. Hi Sondra,

    Does Holy Shit slow down work? LOL