Friday, September 12, 2014

Stormy Night

Today was a really nice day for the most part weather wise.

I did figure out a few things on Word but some I just ran out of patience on. I did get my header and sign in sheet done for the G.A.I.N meeting I was really happy with that. I also consolidated files to make them easier to find. But when it came to fixing things it just didn't happen and got some message about must close other program well what other program and the one I did see open I couldn't close.  Maybe tomorrow I'll try again.

Tonight the weather report showed and he said no rain or clouds over Tucson. He LIED it has been thundering for about 2 1/2 hrs and we had a real downpour around 6 pm.  Tomorrow isn't supposed to rain but we will see. This rain was not due until next week Tue.

I cut back on DirecTV today and also having them check on lowering my house insurance. I have a manufactured home and they depreciate just like a car. So the insurance should go down. Of course across the county car insurance has gone way up. Makes me sick. At least my electric bill went down by about $30. and should continue to go down as long as it starts cooling down. The I heard property TX went up.

Hitch itch is making me think of selling again and going full time. Get rid of lots of these bills. And enjoy life more.

One hell of a storm out there right now, raining like crazy and lightening has been added to the mix. Unplugged the  laptop so I need to hurry and finish and go read some blogs.

Good Night All


  1. Going full time can really save you some cash but do your research ahead of which state you would want as a Domicile State and your mail forwarding. Also you would probably have to find a small travel-trailer or B/C class as your new home. You will give up set expenses to some that will vary but you will enjoy and experience sites that you may never have seen before.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. we had and have rain today...Im staying home this weekend..trying to get some peace of mind the rain does Not help it always makes me feel low down...I need blue skies and sunshine!!

  3. Last year I checked into other insurance carriers and lowered our homeowners and vehicle for about $350 a year. Not amazing but it helps. I am thinking of lowering my speed on the internet because we supposedly have the fastest and it runs at a snail's pace. Hmmmmph.

    Since I started using my drying rack my electric bill has lowered a bit and I used my crockpot a ton and that helps. Gotta do what we can with inflation being what it is.

  4. Hi Rick and Kathy,

    I just picked up my mail and my property TX went up not much but dang you lower other things and something else goes up. I think I can do fine in a class b. Don't want anything i will have to tow a car behind. It's a tough choice to make I really like my little house and my things but if it means getting away and enjoying things I really want to see... Well.

    Hi Sondra,

    It's good for you to be able to stay home this weekend but sorry the rain brings you down. Hope the sun pops out for you this afternoon and all day tomorrow.

    Hi JMD,

    Of course they never called me back yesterday so if I don't hear from them Monday I will look else where. Since I travel sometimes I have to keep Verizon otherwise I would get rid of them too. Today is a great day and no a/c so far just fans.
    Yes we do have to check out all the money saving things possible.

  5. Hope your dreams come true, Jo. We got our tax bill today, too.

  6. Hi Sharon,

    I hope so too. I was looking at The Good Luck Duck blog and it had a list of the fees for NM State Parks I wanted to do that this summer but it didn't happen thinking for sure next year.