Monday, October 6, 2014

Another Busy Day

It was a little on the humid side again this morning and partly cloudy. I took off for shopping around 8:30 am. Needed to stock up on things and pick up the shredder. I really hate it when I run out of everything all at the same time. So now that chore is out of the way until I need to pick up more stuff.

When I got home I had to make a turkey loaf since I had defrosted the meet the other day. When that was done I cleaned up and then walked over to my Sisters.

Had a little gathering since tomorrow is her birthday. We sat around far to long and drank far to much coffee and had a wonderful piece of cake one of our friends made.

I walked back home and was glad for it too. It was already 3:30.

Fred and I went out and walked the yard while he sniffed around. I keep a close eye now since we have had some Red Tailed Hawks flying around and picking off birds and ground squirrels. While Fred is to heavy for them to pick up they sure can inflict some nasty wounds on him.

I have made some plans with one of my friends for a camping trip for the 14,15,16,17th of this month. So tomorrow no more messing around I must finish the camper and get it loaded up with most of the stuff. I will wait until the last to load the heavier items. I really want to finish putting in the blue insulation I remembered to buy more blades for the knife, but forgot to get more spray adhesive hope I have enough as I don't want to stop to go and buy more.
So no matter who calls to go somewhere I am NOT GOING!

Good Night All


  1. Time to get that camper finished and ready for the adventure.

  2. Ooooh, a camping trip. How exciting. Just hide from the phone and you will get 'er done.

  3. Good morning John,
    Yep a week from today it's blast off. weather looks really good.

    Hi JMD,

    Yes I can't wait to head up to the mountain and peace and quiet. Just the sounds of the birds and hope to see some deer.

  4. Awesome! Im hoping to be going somewhere at that time myself..things have finally settled down here enough for me to finally take my trip!! Cant wait to see where you go.

  5. Hi Sondra,

    Was just wondering if things were OK on your end. So happy you will be able to go on your trip too. I'm going to Madera Canyon I believe I did a post about it back in maybe end of March or April. It's away but not to far