Sunday, October 5, 2014

Great Visit Today

This morning I went to a Craft Show with Rose. It started at 9 and we arrived at 9 and it was pretty much underway already. We lucked out and found a great place to park.  I did find a gift for someone so  that was a good thing. Rose found a couple of things and we headed for the car as it started to get hot. 

Once home I stashed the gift and put a small load of wash in. A neighbor stopped by and we sat on the porch for a bit. While sitting there I got a text from my granddaughter Amanda wanting to know if I would be home and asked if they could stop by as they just got out of church. Of course I was thrilled as they are so busy you don't get to see them often and I still had their birthday gifts. So I changed again into some better clothes. My how that little guy has grown and his imagination has grown right along with him. He was thrilled with his gifts and we played a little while. We then all headed out to lunch. Even at the restaurant he chattered away and mostly to himself and his toys. It was great to listen to him and watch him. He amazes me.

I asked Marcelo  if I could take his picture haha Always ready for that

Each piece was inspected and enjoyed. Then we played.
But why do they have to grow up so fast.

Another great weekend was had.

Good Night All


  1. Marcelo is surely a handsome young man and yes they do grow up way too fast.

  2. What about the craft show? Things for the house? yard? personal items? Marcelo is so cute and his eyes! Melt.

    1. Yes he has such huge eyes and he knows how to use them and he is only 3 hahaha

  3. Good morning John,

    Thank You

    Hi JMD,

    So many items but there is always way to much home made jewelry, quilted wine bottle holders and water bottle holders. holders for bringing hot dishes to some event just to mention a few smaller things, scarves like I make and hats, lots of little junk some really nice things, purses, crosses, stained glass stuff, there were things to put out in the yard or if you like really rustic to hang in the house. Photographs, paintings just lots of interesting items.

  4. Great pic of your smiling cutie pie!! Looks like you had a Grand day!!

  5. Marcelo is sure to be a hit with the ladies when he grows up. Such a good looking little kid!

  6. Hi Karen,

    It is always a grand day when I get to see grandkids and great grands. Thank You

    Hi Gypsy,

    I have been blesses with some great looking family of course I could just be partial to them. :) thank You