Sunday, October 12, 2014

Cooking Day

Took some pushing and 2 cups of coffee to get me moving out the door to the store. Sunday's aren't to bad as long as you get there by 9:30 am. Even after wandering around it still wasn't to bad but I did have to use the self check out.

Came home and had a very late breakfast. I guess I can say it was brunch.

Once done with that I got busy cooking for the camping trip. I made my 4 bean thing in the crock pot and sausage,peppers and onions. When the beans were done I cleaned out the crock pot and now have a chicken dish cooking in it. 

Tomorrow I will make some Frittata - potato, onion and egg omelet. I have salads and Terry will also bring food. I'm sure we will have way to much as always.

In between the cooking I did get to sit out on the porch. It was really nice out and a slight breeze made it feel perfect.

Now I am tired out and will go relax.

Good Night All.


  1. Is this an eating trip or a camping trip?

  2. wow Jo, and all I did was paint inside a closet. :-)

  3. Good morning John,

    One must eat when camping and it's easier to pre cook some things.

    Hi JMD,

    I think I would rather cook, painting a closet is not easy work.