Saturday, October 11, 2014

What a Great Day

Another beautiful Fall day here. 

I decided I was going to enjoy this day. I filled the fountain and cleaned up the porch and sat out and read. Fred lounged on his big pillow with a pig ear or something like that. It started to get to warm so we moved into the house.

I soon realized I was bored. The remembered I still had to put the kitty litter in a container.  Fred and I headed out to the shed and got to work. Thanks to JMD one of my readers for reminding me about cutting the top of a jug and using that for a funnel. I used an water bottle and was done in no time at all. I looked at some totes to make sure I wasn't missing something for the trip. I did find a small tin with tea that fit nicely in the tote I am taking with kitchen things.  I also washed the 2 basins that I use to wash dishes. I ran out of things to do and headed back into the house.

Good Night All


  1. You just have too much energy, and I'm envious!

  2. Like your new top photo!
    I was planning to load my van today but now Im checking the 10 day forecast---rain possibly severe storms thru Tuesday for our region..dang I think I will delay departure so I can enjoy my trip and not be worried of the weather!! One strom coming across its now in Arkansas.

  3. Oh wanted to mention, we still have the little dog, we are calling him Casey, he is the sweetest old soul...

  4. Hi Gypsy,

    Not so much energy I think its just wanting to go on the trip and getting antsy.

    Hi Sondra,

    You just can't seem to get that trip in no matter what. Hope the weather isn't to bad and you get to go soon. So far out weather is looking great for my camp out.

    I knew you had a new pet. poor old thing he looks as sweet as can be.