Friday, October 10, 2014

She's Done

Today the sun came out and the sky was clear and blue. It was nice and cool with a slight breeze.

I had to run to Family Dollar to pick up a runner to finish the one side of the truck bed wall and a few other things. 

Just as I started backing into this rotten driveway I saw my sister coming down the street she was bringing me a copy of something I needed to get to Barb. I just pulled back out and headed to Barb's. Of course I had to spend some time with her talking about anything.

I still hadn't had breakfast so I got that done and headed out to the camper. It was already 11:15. But got busy with the carpet. It isn't beautiful but it is better than seeing the silver insulation and  the half done wheel well. I then hung some of my photo's, checked my clothes supply and my toiletry bag. Everything is set.

Monday I will do the shopping and prepare some food. Tues. morning load up stop for ice unless I make enough and roll on out of here.

My Home Sweet Camper

The dots and strips are 3M sticky things and that's how I hang the curtains when I get to my site

 I need to get more spray adhesive so I can fix that droopy ceiling 
Now for some rest

Good Night All


  1. You and Fred are practically out the door! Way to go. I cooked all day :-(

  2. Nice! Now its time for a road trip.

  3. Hi JMD,

    I will cook for the better part of the day on Monday to bring along on the trip.

    Hi Teri,

    Leaving Tues. for a week and then who knows where next

  4. cute your own home away from home i know youll have a wonderful time with a place like that it will be GREAT

  5. I haven't seen an interior pictureof your camper for a while - you really have made it homey and beautiful!

  6. Are those snow shoes hanging on the wall? Where in the world are you going? ;)

  7. Looking good. Snow shoes and canoes, your are ready for everything.

    1. Good Morning John,

      Thank you and yes I am ready for everything

  8. Hi Lucy,
    You know me have to be cozy. Will you be home by time I get back?

    Hi Gypsy,

    Thank you.

    Hi Judy,

    Yep they are snow shoes but they are only about 6" haha
    I'd invite you to come along on this trip but your rig wouldn't fit, but if you feel like driving up to Madera I would love to meet you. So many birds up there. They have a large feeding station that bring them in. there are deer and bears, don't thing the bears will be coming down since there was lots of rain this summer.

  9. OH awesome set up!!! Love the decorating, I never thought of doing that! I can't wait to see where you are going. The insulation is a good idea!

  10. You've made a homy little nest for yourself, Jo. Enjoy! Still hoping that one day I'll be out that way and will meet you and Fred.