Thursday, October 9, 2014


Woke up to lots of rain this morning. We got out in time for a break in the down pour. 

I lingered over my coffee and breakfast. It kept raining. Then looked like the sun was going to clear away the clouds. But it didn't last to long.

I walked over to my neighbors with my wire shelf so he could cut down the legs. I use it in my cooler to keep the food out of the water. I tried to do it myself but it wasn't happening. 

I cleaned up some of the totes and took some things out that I really didn't need. I actually now have 2 clean work stations in the shed. I even washed them down. 

Next I notice that the kitty litter was leaking out of the bag. I put it into another bag that had even more holes in it.Yep I made a mess. I grabbed a basin and let it all leak out into that. I had an empty water jug to put some in so I could take it along on the trip. Yep more mess. So I cleaned that up and just left the basin sitting there.

Tomorrow I will go to the Family Dollar and see if they have a large funnel so I can pour the rest into another container I have. Also want to pick up a grey runner to finish off the side of the tuck bed to match to the floor and the other side wall.

The sun finally came out and the humidity was very high. So it was time to head indoors and take a rest and a nice cool shower.

If I finish up tomorrow maybe I will take some pictures of the changes.

Good Night All


  1. Jo, if you ever buy milk, you can cut the plastic jug in half and use the spout as a funnel. Just saying.

  2. It sounds like today was your day to make a mess. Good job.

  3. Hi JMD,

    I forgot all about that. I can also use a water bottle. Thanks for the reminder. Can take that buy off my list.

    Good Morning John,

    I'm really good a making a mess. Thanks for the Good Job. :)

    Hi Phyllis,

    Yes but next week it will all be worth it.

  4. You've really been busy and accomplished a lot! I have plenty to do but can't raise the energy.

  5. Hi Gypsy,
    It hasn't been easy I need to keep pushing myself hope to finish today if not tomorrow for sure

  6. I need to get a large jug to store my kitty litter in too!! GOOD IDEA.

  7. Hi Sondra,

    I wouldn't have bothered if the darn bag didn't rip haha. But it will be easier to carry around now. Tomorrow I'll put the rest in another container. To pooped to pop right now.