Sunday, October 26, 2014

Didn't Work

Again today even though it was only 88 it sure felt hotter than that. Don't know whats up with this humidity again.

The trailer was really nice but way to heavy for my truck to tow. It has been kept up really nice and has lots of new things and upgrades. 1988 model. Then I was told about an Aliner on Mission Rd. I was telling someone about it and they said they are asking 14,000.  Won't wasting my time on that  one. No big hurry I'll keep looking.

Other than that I didn't do to much today. Stopped to see how my sister was doing with her and her Ceramic groups little craft affair. It wasn't going real well and I just moved on. It picked up later on in the afternoon.

Good Night All


  1. The search is on and with patience the right trailer will show up.

  2. I hate the thought of going back to hot weather after the nice cooler days we've been having.

    I agree that the perfect trailer will come along - just have patience, and good luck.

  3. As others are saying, when you see it - you will know - THAT'S IT!!!!

  4. Good Morning John,

    Yup it will come.

    Hi Gypsy,

    This weather is just a pain in the neck already.

    Yes just need to be patience it will come sooner or later I can wait.

    Hi Phyllis,

    Yes indeed I will know.

  5. Do prices fall in the winter months for trailers? Sort of seasonal?

    My allergies suck and I have no idea why. Stuff should be finished I think?

  6. I liked your truck camper! you had it fixed up so cute! I'm telling you ... I'm not a hot weather camper outer ... no way

  7. Like you say it will come when you need it--Now the cooler temps should be just right for your Truck camper...

  8. Hi JMD,

    Not sure about the prices changing. But sometimes early spring you can find more. But right now there are many trailers of all sizes and styles for sale.

    As for allergies they are just bad this year more than likely from all the rain we had. Hope you feel better soon.

    Hi Carolyn,

    I like the truck camper but it just isn't big enough for bad weather and being stuck in it. I really want to go back up the mountains next summer so I need to find something offering more room.

    Hi Sondra,

    Yes I believe it will show up. And I need to get a screen room so I can hang outside. If it is to cold I could rap it in heavy duty clear plastic and put the small propane heater in there. Of course that could work in the rain too.