Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Found More

This morning that wonderful chilly weather was back. stayed in the mid 80's wonderful.

My friend called and said she found another pop up that I was looking for. I had said I wouldn't mind a pop up tent trailer if only one side opened. And there it was I will call about it tomorrow after I go for my labs, yes I forgot to go this morning.

There was also a 1980 13' Scamp that looked like show room new. What a difference from the 1990 Casita and for the same price. I'll check out that one too.

Other than that it was a slow quiet day. I cleaned up the porch and moved some plants around, and filled the fountain. Watered the house plants and vacuumed.  

It was just to nice out to stay indoors.  

Good Night All


  1. First I would look at the Scamp but don't wait too long or it will be gone.
    Kathy and I had thought of buying a one-sided pop-up camper but if you want to sell it you have a harder time. People with families are the ones who use pop-ups the most.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. I had a tent trailer as my first trailer many years ago. It was comfortable once it was set up but I grew to hate that at
    every stop It had to be set up in order to use (not to mention pack or unpack) At this point in my life , I also want a bed that is always ready for a nap and access to the kitchen area if I stop at a rest stop.

    It would be the Scamp for me. But you have to decide what will work for you in the long run. Good luck as you are looking, just remember there is NO perfect vehicle that will be perfect for everyone.

  3. I thought of a pop up and a friend had one so i asked him if he would recommend one, he said no for 2 reasons, #1 in Bear country there is no protection, #2 the fabric on his rotted even as it sat in the garage not being used. He ended up selling it and bought a tear drop trailer...not something I want like you I want to be able to stand up on a rainy day inside! I would go more for the Scamp too. Sounds like a good deal!

  4. Hi Rick,

    I really like the Scamp and hope to be able to get there and check it out. It is quite a ways from here. I can't believe what great shape it looks to be in. But the Casita looked good too until we got there.
    thanks for your input.

    Hi Karen,

    You bring out some very good points. Having a kitchen ready to use at a rest stop or anywhere. The idea of packing and unpacking is what I am trying to get away from.
    Thank You.

    Hi Sondra,

    If I were to do a pop up I would still sleep in my truck for the reasons you mentioned. And to rotting canvas is always a disadvantage. This tent trailer already seems to have a problem with the canvas but my friend said she could fix it. It has such a great floor plan and looks very comfortable. We shall see by time I get there they may both be gone.

    Thank you

  5. I agree with all those who feel the Scamp would be a better choice for many reasons.