Wednesday, October 29, 2014


We hit 50 degrees in the early morning hours. How I hated to get up. But Fred need out and I had to go do labs. 

After feeding Fred I took off for the Dr. for the nurse to draw blood. I have been told to drink water before I go so I did but ..I got poked 3 times and not a drop was to be had. OH MY! I feel very much alive. And I feel really healthy too.  So know I will have to go to the lab where maybe they will have better luck.

I came home and drank coffee and had some breakfast. Man that coffee sure tasted good too. 

Speaking of coffee one of my readers and I am one of hers, mentioned the Melitta Coffee set up for camping. I was telling Barb I needed to go to Bed, Bath and Beyond to see if they had them as I didn't find it at Wally World. I did find them on line at Amazon and the Melitta site but then there would be shipping and I'm sure it would cost as much as the little Melitta piece. Barb said I have one that someone left behind after a visit a few years ago so come get it. Free is so much better. Thank You! It sure will beat the cowboy stuff I have been making.

On my way home I spotted Kathy and Jer unloading their car. So Welcome back!  All my buddies are home now so let the fun begin. Tomorrow we will get together at Barbs to celebrate her birthday.

Good Night All


  1. Sorry to hear your out of blood. You can probably get a new supply Friday night.

  2. ...and just in time for Hallow's Eve no blood! dang-
    I didnt take my Coleman 2 burner on this last trip cause like a dummy I thought the Parkway campgrounds would have electric! THEY didnt! I bring along a one cup drip pot I gotta get myself a battery set they make flexible solar panels...I have used the melitta coffee system before but it was my sisters...I must get one for myself! Free is perfect in fact!!

  3. Good Morning John,

    I'll be lurking about for that blood, ahahhaha

    Hi Sondra,

    Kid just isn't experienced enough yet I guess.

    I have the coleman 1 burner besides my 2 burner. The one burner takes up much less room and weight, but usually take the 2. My battery set up has not be set up for electric but I know they have coffee makers that can be plugged into the lighter outlet. I need to look those up on line. My friend had one. It would be great even to just heat the water if it's to chilly to get out and use the stove. I did see those flexible solar panels going to look into them too. Got a text this morning from a friend who is headed this way so I need to get the screen room ordered so we can meet up.

  4. I think I bought mine at an ACE Hardware, but I've seen them in the grocery and they don't cost any more than Amazon+shipping (and you're spending your money locally!)

    I bought a small one at the supermarket, which includes a blue ceramic cup, and a small filter holder to set on top of the cup. If you are a 1-cup drinker you just filter the water straight into the cup and you have your coffee. I drink more than one cup, so I usually use my larger one, but thought the 1-cup was too cute to pass by and it wasn't expensive at all.

  5. Hi Gypsy,

    When I went looking I went to the coffee maker section, I should have looked where the coffee is. But since my friend gave me one I won't worry, it is a one cup, I tried it over my travel mug and fit fine. But I am a 2 cup drinker so will just have to make another cup. I would like to find the mesh filter though, so won't have to worry about filters all the time.

  6. Hi Phyllis,

    Nope that's for sure. Free makes me smile :~))