Saturday, October 18, 2014

Madera 2

Stripped down the camper today and got everything washed. I will just put it all in a plastic bag and store it until I am ready to go again. 

Tomorrow I am going to check out a Casita I'll post my findings tomorrow.

I had never been to this area before and it was like hitting the jackpot with all the water

This is about the extent of fall leaves. I think before they turn all the way they may just fall off

Good Night All


  1. Running mountain streams are always hypnotizing to me. I could sit by them for hours.

  2. I love the water too. Once you have lived in the desert, the stunning beauty of water never wears off.

  3. What a beautiful place, Jo! Hope next time you go you will be able to camp more comfortably! (in a Casita, maybe?) :)

  4. Awesome I have Madera Canyon on my bucket list its supposed to be fantastic for birding. Hope that Casita will work for you...thy are small and light weight.

  5. Good Morning John,

    Yes they are and sound is so peaceful too.

    Hi Karen,

    I grew up on the east coast and spent most summer on the shores, then came here to hardly any water at all. So yes when you find the water you just want to stay put.

    Hi Sharon,

    It is a beautiful place can't believe I never checked it out before this. Of course we had lots of rain this year so maybe the water will be around for awhile and if it snows it will be better yet.
    Casita isn't sounding to good I think this guy is trying to pull a fast one.

    Hi Sondra,

    Oh if you can get out here I would love to meet you. Yes it is an excellent bird watching place in spring and fall.

  6. streams? eh? a true rarity here. Been up sine 2:00 am with thunder, lightning, rain. Nice. Not a lot accomplished but it was welcome.

  7. Hi JMD,

    We sure get a bag of mixed weather in this state. Yes running streams from all the rain.