Monday, October 20, 2014

Went Visiting

It was really chilly this morning at 54 degrees. It felt really good.

Had to hurry and have my coffee and get ready to take Fred to the groomers early this morning. He is so nice and shiny and his nails aren't click clacking on the floor.

I had another cup of coffee and then off to see my Smiley. He was in a good mood for about an hr and then nap time was creeping up so it was time for me to leave. Cranky is not my favorite time.

That nice cool morning sure turned hot by time I got home.

I received an e-mail from Texsport to send them a copy of my receipt and they will replace the tent. So I went over to my friends house since she has a smart phone and we sent it off. I then followed up with an e-mail explaining who sent the receipt for me. No lets see what happens.

Acorn woodpeckers are fun to watch but not easy to photograph

 Early morning bath time for these little guys, this is the back side of Yellow-eyed Junco

 Should I shouldn't I? Mr Bridled Titmouse
 Oh yea this feels soooo good

 As Judy would say The End!

Good Night All


  1. The bird seems to be enjoying the pool even with no lifeguard on duty. Sounds like Texsport is going to stand up.

  2. Great bird pictures Jo. If we could only get ours to pose it would make it much easier. :=)

  3. Love the birds...Ive never seen any of the 3 you posted so Im jealous! Hope you get your money back!! Im home now so back to routine!

  4. Good Morning John,

    I guess they thought I was the lifeguard since I was standing right next to them. New e-mail from Texsport says they will not get new ones until Jan.1 we shall see

    Hi JMD,

    This was so unusual but it was fun to watch them.

    Hi Sondra,

    If you come down here some day we can camp up there and you will see many birds . Happy to hear you are home safe but I know you had a wonderful trip albeit to short but then aren't they all.

  5. I have a bird call ap on my phone. When in Charleston last year or the year before i set it to make the Titmouse sound. I don't know who was shocked more when a bird that had been calling landed right on my hand holding the iPhone. I suppose he figured that it was the oddest looking lady Titmouse he had ever met.

    Haven't been blog reading very much. Meeting Jim and Sandie got me in the mood, I guess. Glad to see you and Fred are well and enjoying life.