Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I Thought But Thought Again

I'm sure happy we are finally seeing and feeling some cooler temps. Of course there will still be some 90's for a while yet. Sleeping had been just great.

I received another e-mail today stating that they did receive the a copy of the receipt but they are out of stock until Jan. I sent back a reply that I will keep all contact in a file for future reference. I had seen the those pop up tents for really cheap. So I thought I would order one in the mean time. I went in to order @ $14.41 but the shipping was $12. I will wait for the replacement.

Here is the offending top of the privacy tent

Can you see the little tail sticking out?

 Sunrise the day we were Leaving

Blogger acting up so it's time to go anyway

Good Night All


  1. $12 to ship a $15 tent??? I think I'd rather buy a $30 tent. One that is only $15 is not going to be sturdy and won't last long under any kind of use.

  2. Shipping has gotten outrageous! I am making a list of changes I need to make to have a better camping experience!

  3. Hi Gypsy,
    I know I responded to you this morning. UGH!

    Yes the shipping was silly. I want to do more camping so I thought I would buy this cheapo privacy tent until they replace the other in Jan. But I sure won't be paying that much for such a cheap thing.

    Hi Sondra,

    Yes this last trip sure did make me see what more is needed and what isn't. I still may buy a small camper in early spring unless I can make longer trips possible with the truck camper.

  4. Great sunrise picture.

    Daughter recently traveled in Italy. She met a nice family who invited her and hubby to dinner at their modest home. The couple also invited their neighbors. Terri wanted to send both couples a gift. She bought them preserves, pickles, etc from an Amish store in Lancaster, PA. Total costs of both gifts = $60,00. Total cost to ship to Italy = $140.00 !!!

  5. Hi Phyllis,

    YIKES! It is so outrageous to ship things. Not like you are using the entire truck to ship one pkg. These companies are making a fortune on us. And then your lucky if you stuff arrives in one piece.