Monday, November 24, 2014

Another Cold One

I could not believe it went down to 28 degrees last night and another night of it coming in. 

It stayed pretty cold most of the day. Fred and I made a really quick out this morning and then he did this.

This should have been the last picture

I don't feel any heat whats the problem here?

I know your going to turn this on RIGHT!
Spoiled dog and he is a heat hog.

Did some much needed cleaning today and moved Cd's from the living room to the computer room since that's where the stereo is now. Need to make room for the tree. While I was cleaning I opened the door and a window what a nice fresh smell. But OH did it get cold in here. Also made sure I filled the humming bird feeders they will need it in the morning. wrapped the outdoor faucet and took the garden house off so it can drain out.

My sister came over for a while this afternoon so we could catch up on things and then later Rose came and we had nice hot coffee.

Then back to work on the last hat. But my hands started to hurt so I put it down for a bit.

I must hit Walmart tomorrow to pick up the things for pumpkin cheese cakes and apple pie and other grocery's need for the house.

Good Night All


  1. No fair copying the apple pie. :=D Tomorrow is banana cream pie and homemade chicken noodle soup. So cold, need food....we are suppose to be 27 tonite, wish us luck.

    Poor Fred, our cat has hunkered down on electric blanket. lol

  2. 28 is pretty low for overnight. I don't think we often get that cold at night but it sure feels like it sometimes.

  3. Poor Fred's going to be calling the pet abuse hotline if you don't turn that heat up.

  4. Hi JMD,

    This apple pie is made with cinnamon rolls. you put them on the bottom and then layer it with apple filling. But for some reason the rolls get soggy so I am going to try something different this time I'll let you know how it turns out. Soup sounds great for this weather.

    Hi Gypsy,

    We don't get this kind of cold this early in the year and not very often either. we have gotten down to the teen's a few times. and had pipe bust.

    Good Morning John,

    HAHA, he just might do that if he can reach the phone.

  5. We have been having this nasty humid rain its horrible---fog and all...Good idea to drain your hose,,,I have already put my garden hoses to sleep for winter...I use faucet covers really helps!

  6. Hi Sondra,

    Sorry about the crummy weather. It is going to warm up here in the next few days. So that will be great. Yes nothing needs water right now anyway I have stuff on the porch so I just water those with empty jugs.

  7. Turn on the fireplace! I am coming there, only 60 here today, frozen dead, I will bring banana pie and what is left of the soup. Be ready!!!

  8. Come on down JMD, haha Fred loves company. It was pretty chilly here too.