Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Shopping Done Hopefully

Went to Walmart early this morning and it wasn't crowded at all. When I got home I discovered I didn't buy enough cream cheese. Grrr So I just hoped on over to Safeway which wasn't very busy either. The cream cheese was cheaper and it was the reduced fat one I wanted. Also grabbed a rotisserie chicken for dinner. Now I just hope I have enough of everything else, like eggs and apple filling.

Found a quick receipt for mini cheese cakes so I will make those too.

All the hats are done and now working on a blanket for the homeless.

Good Night All


  1. Let the cooking begin, followed by eating way too much.

  2. You seem to get things done so efficiently, while I just sit around and think about what I have to do, how and when I'm going to do it. And I never get anywhere! You are so well organized.

  3. Good Morning John,

    Making desserts this year let someone else do the main cooking.
    Have a very Happy Thanksgiving John, and yes eat all you want then take a walk or 2.

    Hi Gypsy,

    If I was all that organized I wouldn't have to run back to the store., which I may have to do once more.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  4. Jo, be sure and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We will be home bbq'g since that is what the man wants to do and it works for me. I may bake some bread later today. Supposedly we aren't going to be as cold today which is good. Geesh.

  5. Since half our family is in CO for thanksgiving the 4 of tu that's left here are eating out early...so my son can have dinner with his GF and her family.

  6. Hi JMD,

    You do the same and BBQ sounds good too. Today was a nice day baked all day.

    Hi Sondra,

    Happy Thanksgiving! It will just be my daughter and her 2 kids. But that's fine with me and she is doing the cooking and I made pies.