Monday, November 10, 2014


I brought over the board to be cut this morning for the shelf, so now I need to get it installed. Maybe tomorrow I will figure out what to use for legs.

My daughter Tracy called this morning needing a ride to get groceries, I needed to get Fred some food so off we went. Also picked up a little turkey thing for my camping trip. That store is always so hot that it  makes my daughter sick and me running for the door.

After I dropped Tracy off and spent some time talking with my grandson I headed for home. And some lunch. 

I then dusted as I could write my name on the furniture. We have had lots of wind for the past few days. It is still way to warm for this time of year but at least not so warm as to have the A/C going.

My daughter Debbie called wanting to know if I was home. They came over to pick up the corning ware and visit for a bit. Sounds like their having lots of company for Thanksgiving. 

Now just typing my blog and relaxing.

Good Night All


  1. Today must have been go to the store day, I was out there also. So many people glad to get back home and get out of crowds. Ugh.

  2. Not to worry about the dust. Man art dust and to dust he shall return, so it's just somebody coming are going.

  3. Talk about dust, since I got Pergo floors I can see dust everywhere when the sun shines in. And sweeping doesn't get it up - just swirls it around.

  4. We have big dust issues living on a dirt road!! Hope the shelf comes together well!!

  5. Hi JMD,

    It is the least favorite thing to do. Fun shopping is one thing, grocery is another.

    Good Morning John,

    But it makes me sneeze!

    Hi Gypsy,

    Get a Swifter they work great.

    Hi Sondra,

    I used to live on a dirt road and YIKES!