Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hair Day

Slow morning again this is getting to be a bad habit. 

Signed off of the Neighborhood Watch today and gave the new Leader the info from my computer. 

Was headed for the shower when I thought I really needed a hair cut so took a quick shower and headed for the salon. After the hair cut came home and took another shower. 

Stopped at Rose's for a cup of coffee and to catch up on what is going on and to make plans to go to the Farmers Market tomorrow.
Called Kathy to see if she would like to go and the plan was made for after I drop my sister off at the Airport. 

I finally was getting around to putting the shelf up when the drill ran out of juice. Maybe after we get back tomorrow I'll get on it. Found some small pieces of wood that I hope will work for support.

Not much else to tell.

Good Night All


  1. If nothing else you are clean! I need a good trimming but the cat's toenails come first. You understand I assume. He is good as long as we don't let them get out of control so to speak. Then, all bets are off and the furniture is fair game. :-(

  2. I bet you are relieved to unload the Neighborhood Watch program. They were lucky to have you on it for as long as you served.

  3. Every time I reach for a cordless anything its dead--our local farmers market is done for the year Pumpkins are the last crop of the year I guess...

  4. Hi JMD,

    Yes the the pets come first that's why my hair got so out of control and I have not clothes LOL.

    Hi Gypsy,

    I feel really good about this being over for me. It is a big relief .

    Good Morning John,

    That is one of the advantages of living in a house, but still would rather be on the road.

    Hi Sondra,

    I had my electric one stolen, so glad this one was in the house.

    I have a feeling there won't be much if anything at the Farmers Market. May have to run off to Sprouts for veggies.

  5. I started Neighborhood Watch in my neighborhood many, many years ago. I still remember being glad to get "uninvolved".

    I swear, Jo, you make me out of breath just listening to your days. You sure sound like a happy lady--I love your energy. Hope to meet you and Fred some day. Tell Fred Jack says hi and give him a pat for me.

  6. Hi Nancy,

    Trying to good for your neighborhood can be a real kick in your butt.

    I don't have all that much energy just push myself sometimes.
    I try to keep a good happy outlook makes life easier. :) Meeting up someday would be great. Ditto on hi an pat to Jack