Monday, January 26, 2015

Day Off

This morning my daughter needed a ride to the dentist and I had already made other plans. But they told her to come in as they had a cancellation for an early time. So I flew around and got out the door as soon as I could. We actually made it in time. They have this weird system after your done that takes about 15 minutes to process your fee and the next apt. I was just about to say something as I needed to be at my other apt. when they called her. It also cost more than they originally quoted. I would have questioned it but she felt so bad we just left. I stopped and we had the script filled and I bought her some powdered  drink and milk since she won't be able to chew for a few days.

I then realized I needed gas so stopped and filled up. It sure is nice to be paying half of what it used to cost to fill the tank. 

I went and picked up my sister and off we went for lunch an hour later than planned but that was fine. My kids come first.

I wonder if I can manage to stay home tomorrow and clean up this house. I have been on the go for about 4 days now. Not complaining I love being on the go but my house looks like it has been ransacked, well OK not that bad but bad enough.

I sure would like to just sit and enjoy my coffee and not have to make a mad dash out the door without even drinking half the cup.

Good Night All


  1. ...that makes me think of the work day zooming with hardly a cup of coffee in you...morning for me is the time to ease into the days purpose, I love to get up early but that's as far as it goes, then I need to take my time and let my brain unroll!
    Hope your daughter is back to eating soon!!

  2. Hi Sondra,

    Yes I get up early too but love to just sit check e-mails and do nothing more than drink my coffee then get moving later.
    Thank you I hope so too. I just hope today she is much better as she needs to go to work today.

  3. I. love the lower gas prices but Wall Street is crying about it so you know they will figure a way to keep the big investors happy. I just don't understand why average people have to pay more for everything just to have the economy doing well. I can remember when a house or a gallon of gas went for years at about the same price, and I don't see what is wrong with that. Regular working and retired people (as well as the unemployed) are supposed to be responsible for the economy of the country? Sorry for the rant, but we need to spend more to keep the wealthiest of us happy - just doesn't make sense.

  4. Hi Gypsy,

    I don't understand it either. they do nothing to support the economy but they sure have nice fat and deep pockets.