Wednesday, January 14, 2015


When I let Fred out this morning I never noticed any fog. I guess I was just trying to keep an eye on him. We have had lots of Javelina coming through here and Coyote too in broad daylight. So early in the morning when it is still dark I watch him like a hawk.

Later in the morning when it started to get light out which was quite late already I opened the blinds and couldn't believe how heavy the fog was. 

Had to through this spider web in covered in mist. Seeing lots of these around the house lately. Over to the right you can see the entrance hole

I was going to go to Walmart this morning but I didn't  think I wanted to drive in the fog, by time it cleared up it was to late in the morning, closer to noon so I just went to Safeway and picked up just a few things on the list since Safeway is very expensive. They do have great produce and that was what I was really after. I have been making lots of omelet's for breakfast. Last Sunday when Tracy and I went out to breakfast I had and omelet that was excellent and had spinach in it besides all the other good veggies I line. 

I will pre make some to take camping for breakfast, salads for lunch and I haven't figured out what I want for suppers yet. I made a turkey loaf tonight so that might me one night and since I may only be out for 2 it shouldn't be to hard to find another meal. I have some nice squash made in containers in the freezer and 5 bean meals too. 

Now if the weather just holds out I'll be thrilled.

Good Night All


  1. I used to never have so much difficulty planning my meals for camping, but I sure do now. I find I don't want to fire up my wonderful little camp stove for anything besides making coffee!

  2. Hi Gypsy,
    Sandwiches work too. Can make wonderful veggie and cheese sandwiches. Just gave me an idea!

  3. Wow, you really had fog. Just so darn cold here. The birds are really going through the bird seed we have out for them as is the hummingbird and his nectar.

  4. We're on our 6th day of drizzle, fog, rain, and gloom..its all coming out of the Gulf which is where most of our bad weather comes in from...BUT Friday is supposed to be sun...I know its full of preservatives and I don't normally buy processed foods, but with just boiling water you can make those instant mashed potatoes, and I love to have it with green peas open a can and heat..nice big chunk of toasted bread I put some spay oil in my little fry pan and toast my bread a couple mins each side and its golden brown. I can't wait to read about your adventure!

  5. Hi JMD,

    Your weather is so different from ours. the temps here are in the 60's and the next few days will be in the low 70's and lots of sun. I quit feeding the birds because of the doves those filthy things came up on the porch and crapped all over everything.

    Hi Sondra,

    That kind of weather gets old after a few days unless you can keep yourself really busy. I hope the sun does come out for you on Friday and stays nice from then on. Looking good here so off I will go tomorrow.
    I do use those mashed potatoes and keep them in my food supply. I have a little toaster thing that sits on the burner and can make 4 slices at a time. I won't be bringing the screen room as will only be out for a few days more concerned with the heater and of course the coffee maker. You can bet there will be posts coming.

  6. BTW Sondra and others they also have rice in those bags you can use in a micro but you can open the pkg and heat them up on your camp stove as well