Tuesday, January 13, 2015

It Works

I was supposed to go shopping today but started playing around in the camper. I wanted to test the coffee maker and then needed to fix the extension cord so it isn't in the way.  The coffee maker works but it does take about 20 min. But the water was good an hot and it stayed hot for quite sometime in the 16 oz insulated mug.

While I was in there that messy stand I made to hold the shelf up was really bugging too. I had gone into the shed to put some tools away and there was a piece of carpet left from when I did the truck bed wall. Light bulb went off. took measurements and cut the carpet to fit the front sprayed it with adhesive and stuck it up there done. Some of the raw wood showed on the side of the white shelf and along the top of the rug I painted it black and then I was really happy. Of course my body feels like some one tried to twist it into a pretzel but hey I fixed everything that needed fixing.

The RoadPro has many items to use in the lighter outlet you can check them out on Amazon if interested

Its hard to see the red extension cord the flash wouldn't go off  because the door was letting in to much back lighting .
It was easy to do the right side as I was able to use plastic ties to attach the cord to the existing cord for the light in the middle of the door. You can see a tie in the middle of the door that I hadn't cut off yet.

Once I pasted the middle of the door I had to get creative to attach the cord. I drilled some holes with a self tap screw and used cup hooks to hold the wire.

Finding a way to attach it to the side was a little harder and I ran out of the those hooks and the space was narrow.  I finally worked it out but not real happy with the finish at the bottom
 This is the shelf I made and then covered with carpet on the front to hide the mess. The pot sits here well, the cord will sit in the track at the base of the window. Pot is also the cup. This weekend I will get to test it all out and see how good the coffee tastes. Hope this pot lasts a while. The pot clips into the coffee maker in this picture it isn't in all the way thus looking crooked

Now to relax

Good Night All


  1. One of my sisters has a one pot coffee maker similar to that. When we visit she makes us a cup at a time. And the taste is superb.

    Hope you are as happy as she is with it.

    Cool projects! Don't you love it when you can make a solution to a problem? :)

  2. I'm impressed with the little things you constantly do to make your camper better. I no longer have the patience to do things like that, but admire the way you just jump into all those projects!

  3. Hi Sharon,

    I hope so too. The cowboy coffee just wasn't cutting it for me and I can't stand instant coffee. The 16 oz is perfect too. If this fails I can fall back on the Melitta. But this is something I can use inside and connect to the deep cycle battery. for cold or rainy mornings. And the darkness of winter.
    I was really not liking the way the front of the wheel well looked it was a mess. My friend offered to make me a piece to fit but she has so many of her own projects to do. I was getting annoyed with that piece of carpet always in my way. Now it was small enough to throw away. really happy with the look.

    Hi Gypsy,

    Patience is not one of my better virtues believe me, sometimes I just have to quit and leave it, come back later when I can come up with a better way and finish the job. I pay for these little fix it jobs with pain from all the twisting and turning in that small space but then I am very happy when I am done.

  4. You did a great job,,the shelf looks very tidy now---they do make a peel and stick wire keeper, check the hardware dept in Walmart the electrical stuff aisle...I used to work in that dept so I know they have these things!... I know you are going to be very happy you have that coffee maker once you get out there...I'm so grumpy without my caffeine.

  5. Hi Sondra,

    Thanks for the tip I'll check it out next time I go.
    I know I love my morning coffee. Hate when I have to go for blood work and fast I usually bring a cup with me and leave it in the truck..