Monday, January 12, 2015

Pouring Rain

The sound of pouring down rain woke me up during the night but quickly went back to sleep. Alarm went off at 5 so I could take thyroid med. found that works best and then go back to sleep. Stuff made my stomach squeezy. By time I wake up at 6:30 it feels OK and then I can have my coffee.

It rained on n on and I was  afraid I wouldn't be able to unload at the donation center. It stopped and the sun came out for a bit so I jumped in the truck and headed over and hoped it wouldn't start pouring again as it soon turned dark and the sun was gone. But got it done and I was happy.

I had ordered a coffee maker for the camper and it said it had been delivered by USPS so I went down to the mail boxes and there was the key to the larger box. It's pretty cool I'll check it out tomorrow after I go shopping once again for groceries like  was last week enough. ugh. Don't need much just odds an ends stuff I should have bought last week but didn't add to the list.

Had lots of issues with Internet this morning but so did other people I talked to. Maybe the base had something going and it interfered with the towers or something. It wasn't only Verizon. 

Did some things around the house since it was to nasty outside to do anything there.

Good Night All


  1. What kind of coffee maker did you get for the camper? I boil water on my one burner stove and then pour it through my Melita filter. Best coffee ever, and great for where I can't plug in.

  2. Its been crazy rain from southern AZ this time of year, but we always need it. Have to get some pics of your coffee set up.

  3. Hi Gypsy,

    Its a tiny thing that plugs into the lighter outlet. I guess about 4-5 cups. I figure if the weather isn't good and I am stuck inside the camper I can plug it into the deep cycle battery. It was a toss up between that and something to boil water in and use the Melita. the 2 ran about the same price so I opted for the coffee maker. Reviews pro an con ran about the same so we will see. I will post results tonight.

  4. Hi Ryan,

    Yes this weather has held me back from a few trips. And yes we always need it.
    I will post about it tonight

  5. Im def bringing my Coleman stove next trip so I wont be stuck without my coffee and the ability to cook some hot food! We have the rain and maybe ice tonight I'm busy working on the project house but tomorrow I have to take a day off and go for groceries!

  6. It poured here all day Saturday. Never even stuck my head out the door. Supposed to do same tomorrow, however work to be done. We had a heck of a time finding an under counter coffee pot. Finally found one made by Black and Decker. Never saw around one.

  7. Hi Sondra,

    I have the one burner and the 2 burner stove. But wont use inside camper, no room. IK usually bring the 2 burner. Can't not have my coffee and in colder weather nice to have some hot food. We learn as we go.
    Ice is bad. At least you have the project house to keep you busy. But the grocery shopping is important too.

    Hi Phyllis,

    No one want to go play in the rain. I have found that Amazon always has hard to find items, there my best friend haha Hope the rain holds off until you finish working tomorrow