Sunday, January 11, 2015

Clearing Out

Picked up daughter Tracy today and headed out to breakfast. After breakfast we went to Walmart and I picked up a pair of grey slacks and more purple yarn and a few unmentionables.

As we were leaving the parking lot a nice Class A was parked there and Tracy said she would love to look inside a few. So I headed to Lazy Days so she could see plenty of them and all different models and styles.  I guess the only one she ever was in was mine and nothing like these new ones. 

It really was warmer than they said it was today, at least to me. So we headed for home and into much cooler clothes.
I backed the truck into the driveway so I could load up the donation stuff that has been sitting in my room for months from the clear out I started way back when. Got all that stuff loaded and then went into my closet and cleared out even more stuff and loaded it into the truck.
Tomorrow I will drop it off and then back in again and finish arranging the camping  so I can get the other corner of my room cleared out. Hope to go out on Friday for a few days if the weather holds out.

BTW, Fred didn't get sick or have any problems from eating my expensive lip balm. At least he has good taste  and no chapped lips.

Good Night All


  1. I need to organize my clothes and the drawers where I store them. I open a drawer and never know what I will find.

    Fred and the expensive lip balm - I'm still chuckling. I wonder if he would go for another one or if he had his fill.

  2. Lazy Daze are such nice rigs.

    I should follow your example and donate a lot of stuff that we will probably not use again.

    Glad Fred is okay after eating your chapstick.

  3. Hi Gypsy,

    He was so proud of himself when he brought the half of the ball I'm sure he would do it again if given the chance.

    I have been cleaning out for quite some time the problem is I bring in more stuff. But the clothes really needed to be weeded out, Will go through them again in spring.

    Hi Sharon,

    They are nice however I wasn't at a Lazy Daze dealer the place I went is Lazy Days and I maybe spelling Days wrong. the dealer started out in Florida and opened here a few years ago. They bought out another company that was huge and then the bottom fell out, They even have a really nice RV Park with restaurant and who knows what else by now.

    Getting rid of this stuff makes me happy and I love to donate to Big Brothers Big Sisters. Of course now that the stuff is in the truck it is pouring rain today.

  4. I have a one in one out rule if I buy a new shirt I have to get rid of one item out of my closet..I do need to go in tho and just get rid of some things that Im no longer using, create some void--I hope you get to go on a camp outing wish I was planning one myself...I could use a change of scenery.

  5. I am not big on clothes but when something comes up I have no choice but I did get rid of stuff I won't be wearing anymore so I have been good about that part. Its the STUFF!
    Having lots of internet trouble this morning and it stopped raining so I should run and drop this STUFF off

  6. FYI I purchased that round ball of chap stick one time, I didn't like it, seemed awkward to use so I mailed it to my daughter. Good for you on the decluttering, I have another box started, I am determined to lose all this "stuff" at some point. I don't want to have my family spend a year picking through my junk. Just want what I use, need and love. Should be a small pile. :-D

  7. Hi JMD,

    That is a problem keeping what I love and as far as I'm concerned I need it all. LOL So I guess my family will spend a year cleaning up. I never found out weather I would have liked it or not little monster.