Saturday, January 10, 2015

3 Year Old!

It was a nice day but didn't get out much but did open the door and a couple windows. Started to cloud up later in the day.

It was time to shred old bills and receipts  and I had a load of them too. Of course the shredder is on its last leg since the penny went in there and smooched a couple of the teeth. So it over heats and I have to pull stuck paper out of the smooched teeth which can be a real pain in the neck. Then let it cool down and start again. But it is all done for now anyway. Still need to clear out the files and see what else I need to keep. I would have so much less to do if they would stop sending all that crap in the mail with your name all over it and an application to get credit cards and other junk.

Yesterday I bought one of the ball shaped chap lips thing as I have so much trouble with chapped lips. My daughter said this is really good stuff but I didn't like the price. I finally broke down and bought one. I went to get it off the end table and it wasn't there. Figured I must have knocked it off and it rolled under the chair. As I started up the computer Fred wanted to play so I said go get the toy. Yup here he came with half the ball, I went to his man cave and found the rest of the ball and no chap stick. I swear he is like a 3 old kid. He gets into everything. He doesn't play with a ball so I am surprised, but I guess it was small enough to fit is his mouth and I'm sure he smelled something yummy in there too. Some one commented their dog eats chap stick all the time and not to worry. 
Don't think I will buy another one. I doubt he got it off the table as he really isn't very tall unless he got on the chair and he hasn't done that in along time.

Good Night All


  1. Wouldn't you know Fred would like the expensive kind of chapstick! I just use vaseline which does a good job and seems to last longer.

    I need a new shredder as well. I bought mine in early 2008 at Walmart for about $12. I might check to see if they still carry an inexpensive model - 6 years is a good life span for a $12 shredder.

  2. So cute about Fred's man cave, eating the chapstick, then hiding his cool new toy in there.

    You didn't really want that chapstick,did you? ,:)

  3. UHH hope it didnt upset his stomach...dogs never cease to amaze me, mine want to be fed the minute I get out of bed, my Mom started that routine and now she is not able to feed them so they expect me to climb right out of bed and get their food...instead I climb out and get my coffee, read a couple blogs and they stare at me watching every move!!
    I found out if I place the shredder motor part over my tall kitchen trash can I can sit down and shred all day...but only if I never insert more than 5 sheets at once.

  4. Hi Gypsy,

    I had one of those shredders for years, when I was cleaning out my dad's files after his death I burned his up so had to buy another one. At the store near his home the cheapest one was $37. and that was back in 09. It's a great one but some how a penny was stuck in a receipt and crunched the teeth. But the cheapest ones I have seen now are in walmart and cost $25. Hope you find a cheap one.

    Using bees wax for my lips now.

    Hi Sharon,

    Yeah real cute little stinker. He was so happy to bring me the new found toy. He was fine no upset stomach. I guess I didn't need that expensive stuff anyway. He hides everything in there haha

    Hi Sondra,

    As soon as I get up and brush my teeth and throw on some sweat pants he comes running, it's amazing how they know the sounds of when it's time for something. Then out he goes. When it was really cold I would turn on the little heater in the computer room now he comes running in here and goes in circles waiting for me to turn it on. Then at 8:10 am he starts buggin me to feed him. .

    My shredder will only work on the can it came with, but I can sit but it has to be emptied often since I don't keep up on it. Be great to work off that big trash can.

  5. Did you find the ceiling fan pull chains?

  6. Hi trouble ,

    I forgot all about them :( do that a lot these days.

  7. Fred probably had dry lips :-D

    Our cat rescues rubber bands and hides them, always an adventure finding them.

  8. Hi JMD,

    I thought I was done raising kids. 8~(0