Sunday, January 18, 2015

Not Good Night

After having such a beautiful day I never expected the night to get so cold. At one point I turned off one heater and just let 1 run. I was very uncomfortable trying to sit up so gave up and went to sleep. I woke up at around 12:30 am and it was freezing cold. I didn't want to turn on the other heater so I burrowed deeper into the covers and went back to sleep. Next time I woke up the cold was awful so I turned on the other heater and burrowed back into my nest. Woke up again to use the potty and I'm sure I heard it turn into ice cycles. I realized at that point the other heater was blowing cold air. Great really needed that. I had taken my sweats into the bed with me and I was really happy not to have to put cold sweats on in the morning. At that point I knew it was time to go home. 

I needed to go dump the trash and my little chair for sitting in the camper also broke from being forced to open in to small of a space. I put the trash in the truck and jumped in to drive over to the dumpster and no start. Battery was dead. I did get a jump from the camp host and off to dump the trash. I left the truck running and loaded up as fast as I could. Got home and was sweating from having on the sweats still. I just grabbed Fred out of his crate and the food in the ice chest and headed into the house. First thing was a nice hot shower and clean clothes. 

I had breakfast late enough to call it lunch. I had a raging headache and started to drink lots of water. But finally took something for it and took a short snooze. I felt much better after that. 

I only took a few things out of the camper but nothing is all that important in there anyway. But each time I went out I started the truck, no problem I will see what happens in the morning. I may just need a new battery, it was in  the truck when I bought it and it was used.

BTW just to let you know how cold it was! I didn't buy ice I froze a couple bottles of water and a few of the blue freezer things most of the food I brought was frozen. The water bottles had very little water in them as they were still frozen. My salad that wasn't frozen was this morning. All the food that I brought was still frozen. 

Now please don't start telling me to use this or that and I shouldn't use things that run off the battery. These things do not run off the truck battery they run off the deep cycle battery and yes I have a kill switch. I think most people who read my blog are RV'ers of some kind so you know what I am talking about but I was so surprised how many people did not understand what I was talking about on other travel sites I think most of their travel is by plane or boat not RVs.

Good Night All


  1. Sounds like not a good time. I have been having some issues as well, and not sure of my plans right now. Quartzsite is certainly removed from the list, sad to say. Not sure if I will even get to Arizona at this point.... I'm glad tomorrow is another day. Let's hope it is a good one!

  2. Well you can't enjoy yourself when your freezing! I did find if I slept in my sleeping bag with zippers all zipped I was warmer, but it's hard to turn over inside the bag I need bigger bag I guess, Ive used this one since I was 22 yrs old :o/ IM not the same size as I was at 22 haha..camping the way you and I are doing it (your truck my van) we are only one step up from tent camping, and its more of a challenge for sure!
    At least you didnt have to worry bout your food thawing out...
    Glad you're home safe and a new battery for your truck is all that's needed.

    1. Get two sleeping bags that will zip together and then you will have warmth plus room.

    2. Yep I actually have 2 but one is metal zipper and one nylon so they wont zip together! SO Im on the look out for another one.

  3. Hi Sunny,
    Sorry to hear about your troubles. Sure was looking forward to seeing you again. Hope all gets right for you and yes we are here for another day.

    Hi Sondra,

    From now on IF I ever go camping in the winter you bet I will have a hook up for electric. Yes we are one step up from the good ole tent. When Phil and I camped we would zip 2 bags together. I also was a lot smaller back then.

  4. Whoa, glad you are home. TOday was a balmy 68 degrees and I am beyond happy. Nice to thaw out but then again, I am cold blooded.

  5. Hi Phyllis,
    Nope but I keep learning not to do the same thing again.

    Hi JMD,

    I was glad to get home too. But I won't quit trying. It was a beautiful day