Saturday, January 17, 2015

Way Cold

Last night was freezing cold. The little heater didn't help. The coffee maker made OK coffee but mostly it was the crappy coffee I brought. So I put the coffee maker away and tonight I will use 2 heaters. If that doesn't help I will head for home tomorrow. 

The day time temps were beautiful and I'm glad I had a pair of shorts in the drawer. Sometimes it was down right hot in the sun and had to move to the shade. 

Tried to take a walk but Fred was panting so we turned around and came back. This from the sun worshipper  Later in the day we did manage to walk around the loop.

 I don't know where the name Teddy Bear Cactus came from but you sure don't want to cuddle with this. But that is not the true name they are Cholla, jumping cactus is another name they don't really jump but will sure come break off easy and you don't want to get stuck by them you need a comb or needle nose pliers to get them off
This house is at least 2 miles up the mountain I had the zoom open all the way

The house is on top of this mountain

 These are the granddaddies here
 This looks like a water tank and maybe the building is a water pump house, located to the left of the big house
 This is another house to the right of the first one
Good Night All


  1. I hope to never go near a Teddy Bear Cactus! Amazing that you can wear shorts in the daytime and sit in the shade, but freeze at night. Sounds like Sacramento.

  2. Looks beautiful. Do you per chance have a down comforter you van put on the bed? We love ours but we dont camp....yet. some day we hope to.

  3. Hi Gypsy,

    No we have been stuck a few times no fun at all. Yes freezing cold at night and pretty warm during the day.

    Hi Michelle,

    Welcome to my blog.

    Yes I have 2 down comforters and I am very warm under them but when you have to get up then it is COLD!

  4. very nice landscapes!! We dont have Cholla but we have prickly pear and some other very spiny cacti that I've never bothered to find out what it is..sometimes the dogs get a cacti needle and its hard to see.
    maybe it will be warmer and you'll be staying...I was freezing when I camp in Virginia...I had heater but no hook ups or battery!

  5. Hi Sondra,

    we have prickly pear here to and a host of other nasty things with stickers.