Friday, January 30, 2015

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

The rain started late yesterday and has continued all day with short stops. I ran to the store in between bouts of rain. As I pulled onto the driveway it started raining and by time I brought everything in it started to pour. We are expecting more of the same tomorrow. 

The weeds I sprayed the other day are gone but a new crop is out already and more than the first.  After all this rain I will have a forest. They say maybe a few showers Sunday morning and then the skies will clear. Should be a nice week in the mid 70's.

Maybe next week I can do some camper shopping.

Good Night All


  1. Jim was beginning to wonder if we were going to need the boat to get out of here today. And our weeds look like we're trying to have a green lawn. Hopefully we can get out to pull a few of them tomorrow. Too bad about the Phoenix Open though. Rain they didn't need.

  2. After all the rain we had in November it all just fizzled out. Now it's chilly, foggy, and just plain uncomfortable a lot of the time Going to get better though.

  3. Our weeds are growing profusely at the moment. :-l

    Went grocery shopping yesterday, geesh, thought I was going to have to donate a kidney to pay for it. The prices just keep going up and up.

  4. Hi Jim an Sandie,

    This weather should be moving out my late afternoon or tonight sometime. It sure is putting a damper on lots of weekend events . The Gem and Mineral Show opens this weekend too. I know it brings lots of Tax dollars but sure could do without all the traffic and crazy drivers. At least the weeds will be easy to pull out.

    Hi Gypsy,

    The damp is the worst for old bones. But yes it is going to get better soon.

    Hi JMD,

    I hit some really good bargains yesterday at Safeway. I only went there for a few things to get by until next week and found some great deals. Pretty soon we are going to have to grow out own food. Of course in this heat of AZ desert that isn't easy.

  5. A greenhouse in every yard would be on my list of New World Order (not a chicken in every pot) if I was in charge! I'm thinking of running on the No $$$ Donations Ticket what do think my chances would be? Glad you're getting some rain--gotta get it when you can..rain barrels might be a good investment!

  6. Hi Sondra,

    Sounds like a great deal to run for. Leaning more and more towards Vegetarian cant do Vegen like cheese and eggs to much. And we can do a green house here in the Village besides I don't plan on being here this summer. But might be a good idea for winter. Maybe a nice small one hidden in the back of the house.
    Yes we take what we can get for sure