Thursday, January 29, 2015

New Store

Today Rose, Michelle and I headed out for a new store. Of course as always these great stores are always clear out on the east side of town. Natural Grocers is a great store. All organic which means little to me, as the produce while really good looking was so expensive I quickly moved on. They have really good things and some prices are very high while others were a bit lower than even Walmart. Lots of Gluten & wheat free products. They had coconut flour and many other kinds of flour. I found a sandwich sized baggie of dried chives for 2.50. vs just under $6. for a small jar at the regular grocery store. Blue Diamond Pecan Nut-Thins were .10 cheaper than Walmart. They are great crackers and are gluten free. I don't have a problem with wheat or any of that stuff but they are lower in calories and fat. It is a large store and you can find lots of hard to find items there. I could have spent more time looking but the others were done so I checked out and we moved on to Home Goods right next door. All I bought there was a toy for Fred and poo bags. I was a good girl today.

It has been cloudy all day and we hit some light rain on the way home. We shall see if we get this big storm tomorrow like they keep saying is coming in.

Good Night All


  1. I prefer my farmers' market organic produce, no matter how much I have to pay for it. I know it's fresher and lasts much longer - even the grocery store organic produce sometimes doesn't keep as well. I've been eating organic all my life where possible, and it's too late to stop now.

  2. I try to buy organic when I can but you're right it cost more--our area needs a good grocery store so bad...Walmart closed down almost everything when it came to rest here..

  3. Hi Gypsy,

    There hasn't been much going on with Farmers Markets lately. And unfortunatly everything falls on the same day so its hard to hit the right one.

    Hi Sondra,

    Walmart did a job on lots of small towns. We are a pretty big city now and we have lots more stores here. But their all on the other side of town and makes it hard to get to them with so much traffic. Just can't win sometimes

  4. Sounds like you did a great control job on the spending ! Good for you!

  5. Hi Jo, started raining yesterday before 5pm and hasn't stopped yet. Not a down pour but a steady rain, grey skies. Reminds me of where we moved from. :=(

    Wish we had one of those markets here, I would love to check it out. Sounds intriguing.

  6. Hi Jim,

    Yes I did well if I have to say so myself. :)

    Hi JMD,

    Yes it started here yesterday too. today was pretty steady rain but had some crazy down pours. And tomorrow will be more of the same.

  7. Hope the storm misses you.

    I love to check out new stores. I wish I could afford all the beautiful organic vegetables. Tonight I did buy a big box of organic spring salad mix. But only because it was packaged so attractively. :)