Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Yes the weather was excellent for going to Green Valley today. It was warm not hot and the sun was shining bright. 
Kathy drove and Barb sat in front, while I took the back seat and snapped away with the camera. Some pictures were just a blur. 

It is so sad to see what this open pit mining has done to our beautiful desert. But yes it does give lots of people jobs. But some day it will just be a giant hole in the earth. 

So as we Zoomed down the Freeway I snapped you will see images in the background from the shadows of the truck reflecting off the window.

The mines are starting to show up now as we go further south

They are really starting to grow larger and larger and coming closer to the road now.

 As we headed back to Tucson you can see there are no mines on the east side of the road. Yet

I found this neat cloth bad and the price was really good. I am thinking to use it to carry my cameras in it

I like the wide shoulder strap and will be easier on the shoulder to carry the weight of the cameras, and their cases

Good Night All


  1. I remember seeing the first strip mine in Southern Ohio. It made me sick, as does the mountaintop removal in WVA. It's ugly, like a pipeline is ugly. Why are we still using old earth altering forms of energy rather than trying to develop cleaner forms that don't destroy the earth.

  2. Hi Gypsy,

    I don't know. People in the area are eating all that dust but they are told the mines came first. Really then why do they allow building in that area at all. And they are still building and people still keep buying, insane. From the looks of it they will soon be in their backyards. Then the mines will buy out everything. They had been told to so something to keep the dust and dirt at bay they did that for a few years and now you can see nothing is being done but digging more. You cannot fight this either people have tried in mass

  3. I didnt hear yah honk when you drove by?

  4. Hi Ryan,
    Are still in Green Valley? Oh sorry Are you parked at the Casino , if I had looked and spotted the turtle I would have made my friend get off the Freeway.

    1. Yeah at the Desert Diamond just for a few days

  5. ...coal and copper are reeking havoc on the Earth...BUT I think the Fracking is the worst thing possible it causes Earthquakes!

  6. Hi Sondra,

    It is so ugly and what happens when they play out, they leave nothing but huge holes like in Bisbee, AZ . And hundreds of people out of work. Used to be a big tourist things but now it is falling in little by little. These can never be tourist atractions there up to high and spread out all over the place.