Friday, February 20, 2015

Another Lunch

My friend called this morning to make sure lunch was still on for today. What? I totally had forgotten about it and I hadn't checked my planner yet for today. So jumped in the shower and got ready to go. We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant around the corner from my house. Had a nice taco salad.

I am going to my grandson's house tomorrow to see their place, so I figured I better pick up a gift bag for the baby gifts I had picked up.
She will have a C section on the 26th.
They only had 2 sizes and one was way to small and the other was way to big. Terry said she once bought a bath towel and wrapped the things in that. So I picked up a blanket and used that.

Worked out pretty good looks like the Stork brought it.

I am now working on a little hat should finish it tonight.

To avoid pre baby problems for the Smiley I bought him a little race car thing. When I had my second child I had bought a doll and took it with me to the hospital so when I came home I had a baby for my older daughter so she could take care of it like I would her sister. It worked really good I repeated it the next time too. Worked out really well.

Good Night All


  1. You forgot about lunch, and I forgot that it is Friday. I didn't realize it until 7:30 pm today! Time is just going by too fast.

  2. What a great idea ringing a doll for your daughter to care for when you came home with the baby. And the blanket-wrapped package does look like something the stork would bring! I wish I could think of things like that!

    Oh... and a taco salad at a Mexican restaurant sounds wonderful! Will talk Ron into taking me out for one!

  3. Hi Gypsy,

    This forgetting stuff is making life a little difficult to say the least. I was a week ahead of myself there for a few days. Hope I am now on the right track at least for awhile.

    Hi Sharon,

    I believe I had read about bringing something for the older child to ease them into the new intruder haha. not their words mine. I wish I could come up with some to these clever ideas too.

    Hope you find a good place to get the Taco Salad. This one place makes the very best, I have had them other places and they just didn't come close to being as good.