Thursday, February 19, 2015

Catch Up Day

I took my time over my coffee this morning and happy to not have to hurry to get ready for something. Had a protein drink for breakfast.

I stripped down the bed and got blankets washed, put clean sheets on and while the blankets dried I started to get ready for my grocery shopping.

Had to buy gas it is already up to $2.06 from 2 weeks ago when it was down to $1.69. Knew that wouldn't last.

Got my shopping done and put up and had a nice salad for lunch. Finished making up the bed.

The painter was coming between 3 - 3:30 and off we went to Lowe's for the paint and some caulk. Happy to have that accomplished. He will start on Monday with caulking and wood repairs. 

I did a load of colors and just relaxed. Plenty tired now.

Good Night All


  1. Wow, Jo, seriously you make me feel lazy and I thought I was on a roll. The cat has been to vet, $121 poorer and he isn't fixed...bad eye. Sob. The painter is coming tomorrow allegedly to start the power washing, blah blah. Plus you had a great weak of B'day celebrations! Horray for you

  2. I consider my morning coffee my favorite part of the day, and even more so when I share it with my daughter and granddaughter (when she's in town for a visit).

  3. Relaxing with my coffee also this morning...we woke up to frozen hot water soooo gotta try to thaw them out! I did everything I could think of to prevent it but it got down to 9 last night with a wind chill of 0 sooo...I have a space heater I will place just inside the crawl space door its right by the pipes so I only have to sit it in and turn it on....that worked last time this happened..its 13 outside now as I type this...
    I'm so ready for Spring to arrive!

  4. Hi JMD,

    I was just talking to a friend who adopted a cat a few months ago and she has already spent about a thousand dollars on kidney problems. the cat is on pain meds and has to eat special foods. So they are at a cross roads now over treatment.
    I'm so ready for some relaxing time but she called to ask are we doing lunch at the usual time. What? Oh no not another lunch! Well I can at least eat a salad at this place.

    Hi Gypsy,

    Yes coffee is my favorite time too. It is even better when out camping, where I really wish I was right now.

    Hi Sondra,

    Oh my is this normal weather for your area? Hope the pipes defrost well for you and no breakage. That would be no fun at all I sure hope it works. Can you leave it there running all night? Yes I bet you and lots of folks are so ready for this winter to be over. Stay warm

  5. Diesel headed up too but not by that much. But remember, diesel is now higher than gas to begin with.

  6. Hi Phyllis,

    I remember when it was really cheap and everyone bought diesel trucks. But doesn't it last longer?