Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Celebration #3

Today was lunch with my Sister at Chili's. Had a nice plate of black beans, rice, lettuce and some grilled chicken. It was a nice small portion compared to their salads. I wasn't up for a big meal. All this eating out is rough. This morning I just had a protein drink.

Tomorrow another lunch with friends Kathy an Barb. And I think that will be it.

Thur. maybe I will get to see my fiend Lucy, but we go Chinese and you fix your own plate so there is more control. 

I need to go buy the paint for the house as it was approved by the board. 

Also need to go to Walmart and get some supplies for a camping trip I will be taking the end of this week. I am bringing my electric heater just in case. Not taking any chances with the cold. I did some research on the battery powered heaters. The reviews were not good at all. Usually you get a 50-50 review but this was not the case. Even the one that was over $100. not throwing my money away on that stuff anymore.

Good Night All


  1. Back when I bought the truck camper (cabover) the seller threw in a Mr. Buddy portable heater that ran on propane if I can remember. It was really nice and warm, and I don't think it drank the gas all that quickly. When I sold the camper I let the heater go with it. When I'm in my sleeping bag I never need a heater, and I'm usually not outside in really cold weather.

    1. Hi Gypsy,

      I have one but like I have said before the camper is to small to use. Being in bed is no problem nice a toasty warm there.

      Hi Karen,

      Yes all this eating out is getting tough.
      Camping trip has been called off due to very high winds all weekend 15-25 mph not great for camping

  2. You are becoming quite the party girl! I have one of the Mr. Buddy too and use a small tank. The canisters will run about 4-5 hrs. The heater is always nice for a cold spell without electricity. So where are you headed on your camp out?

  3. The wind is howling here and we are not recovered from the ice storm more limbs will fall Im sure!! Im about ready to put up a for sale sign outside! Someplace where there are no trees to clean up under!! I like Fir Trees! Sorry your trip got cancelled!

  4. Hi Sondra,

    I feel for you when I lived in NJ a hundred years ago we had lots of trees and I had to clean up he did nothing.

    Another trip will come up soon