Sunday, February 8, 2015

Smiley Sun

I remembered to take a picture of the smiley sun I bought Friday an lugged to the car. This sucker was heavy.

As you can see it is sitting on top of a once bar table and is overlapping the edge

Now to get the house painted and it hung up before I knock it off the table.

Today Tracy and I did our Sunday morning breakfast. We went to Denny's out near the airport it is a much nicer and larger one. Had breakfast skillet couldn't finish it.

Then went to Lowe's for weed spray and to find the 3rd color for the house and some bird seed. Tracy bought a 5x8 rug for her living room and said it was to small but I wasn't there to see it. She did send a picture to my phone so that didn't help much since they come in postage size haha No I don't need a new phone.

Came home and went to work spraying these nasty weeds. Filled one feeder and then transplanted some of the rooted stuff I had broken off the main plant. It was another beautiful day out and I sat out and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon until a call came in from Walgreen's telling my I had a prescription ready. I called and found out it was the Crestor cost now $360. I am now one of the many American Citizen's who can no longer pay for there medications and will no longer take it. Since I am on SS I am a very rich person and can not get help with RX.  I will have to call my Dr. Tues. and see what we can do next.

Oh and this morning I noticed the fan on my furnace just kept running. WTH now. No matter what I tried it would not turn off. Most of the furnaces I have had in the past had a plug you could undo.  Finally late this afternoon I put on my glass' got a strong flashlight and found a switch way to the left and back quite  far to the back and was finally able to shut the dang thing off. Cha Ching. We are kind of in the middle weather right now so I guess I can turn it on if I need some heat in the morning. But it will soon be hotter than blazes and will need the A/C so I have to get this fixed. :(P.

Good Night All


  1. I like your smiling sun. Reminds me of the Sunday Morning show on CBS.

  2. Hi Teri,

    Thx, I don't watch early morning TV so I don't know what that is.
    Can't wait to get it hung up.

  3. Jo, if I were you I'd go off Crestor entirely and start taking fish oil capsules. Buy the best grade of fish oil you can afford, and it's worth shopping around for a good capsule. No matter what anyone says, cholesterol is absolutely vital for repairing cells, so it is foolish to try to lower the levels to what makes a cardiologist happy. I doubt many of them are taking their own poison.

  4. I love your sun face its stunning!! Try limiting dairy products or stopping it all together, there is so much fat in it. Drug companies are psychotic with those outrageous prices!

  5. Hi Gypsy,

    I will look for them tomorrow at the health food store.

    Hi Sondra,

    I gave him a coat of sealant today, tomorrow another one then do the underside.

    I rarely do dairy products I throw away so much fat free mild it's a shame. Yes drug companies are the biggest rip off.