Monday, February 9, 2015

Weed Patrol Again!

Today it was almost a record breaker for the hottest day for this time of year or some such thing it was 81 and I believe they said the record was 82 degrees.

Walked the yard again and yes found more little buggers sticking there green little heads out of the rocks. Sprayed then and did some raking around the back yard. Weed Patrol will be a daily thing for quite sometime and more rain is on the way for next week.

Then sat on the porch with Fred for quite some time and listened to the fountain and read.

They have changed our trash pick up day so I had to gather up waste baskets and such and get the can out to the street. I pulled a piece of that fake grass rug out to the street too since a dam cat peed on the bag and the rug while it was waiting for a space to be put away. If people would quit feeding these feral cats they wouldn't keep coming around. I noticed they sprayed my neighbors car cover too. 

I found some sealant spray in the shed and put a coat on the Smiley Sun I will give it 2 more coats in that many days and then do the underside.

The nicer weather has renewed my energy levels it feels good.

Good Night All


  1. I have a problem with the feral cats in my neighborhood also. They fight and slink around waiting for an unwary bird. I can't stand them, and yes, some people around here feed them.

  2. Our cat is an indoor cat, never outside. I loathe people whose cat/dog roam and do whatever in other people's yards. Just saying. It isn't just cats.

  3. Hi Gypsy,

    It's awful the damage these cats cause. My screen door is a mess and I have had to drag the hose up on the porch to clean it off. It has rusted and looks awful.

  4. Hi JMD,

    Irresponsible pet owner are the worst. Yes that includes dog owners too. It got so bad in here they started trapping these cats and caught 15 in a months time. They turned them over to cat rescue and humane shelters. The people who feed them were given warnings but I don't think they stopped. One dog had been returned to the owner several times then it was turned in to the humane shelter. figured if they had to pay to get him back they might learn. Two people lost their cats to coyotes and one to a rattle snake. They have a rule here that even cats must be leashed just like a dog.

  5. My neighbor's chickens were killed by a bull dog that belonged to another neighbor who they let roam after the chicken incident the dog disappeared, I guess they didn't want to be responsible dog owners! Im not a cat person but my son has one its an apartment cat!

  6. Hi Sondra,

    Some people just shouldn't have pets just like some shouldn't be allowed to be parents.