Saturday, February 28, 2015


I came down with something and still not sure what. But staying away from the new baby which isn't easy. 

The wind has been blowing for 2 days now and that sure isn't helping. Using Zicam for colds the one for allergies didn't seem to do much. This one clears out enough to be able to breath so we will see how it goes by tomorrow. Added more vitamin c to the mix also.

The painting is on hold until Tue. and we are hoping for NO rain.

This is the old color and I didn't realize how faded it was, it is a pale green with a darker trim. Over the car port it is grey for some reason I think when they dropped the awning they flipped the board to the wrong side. Not my truck in there

I am loving this new color the window trim has not yet been painted as he ran out to trim paint I have bought more. Makes the place look totally different
Going to look at an Apache pop up trailer either tomorrow or Monday. It has hard sides not canvas or pull outs. Looking for someone to go with me. Ryan if your out there and still in the Tucson area I sent you an e-mail but not sure it went. 

Good Night All


  1. Hey Missy, the new color looks friskie! I sure am saying ours looks much improved, it needed painting when we bought it and it has lingered 3 1/2 years without painting so it was time.

    Sorry about the sickies. You will be well soon! Trust me. :-D

  2. Hi JMD,

    Thank you it sure needed it. Had lots of dry rot so that is also fixed Paint just makes them come back to life. I now your place is looking happier too.

    I am feeling better hope to get out for a bit today hate not being able to go out.

  3. Love the new color I put a similar color on the back door of the house Im working on...The hard side pop up maybe just the ticket for you and there would be room in your driveway to park it! That's one of the things we must consider when we buy a trailer will it fit into our space on the days its NOT being towed...or we have to pay rent to store it which is a waste of money!! My sister and her husband bought a 28 ft. TT its take up the entire driveway and the neighbors were not happy so they put a cover over it, but it still looks like a white elephant....The changing weather is probably the culprit of your sinus problem...hope its gone today!

  4. Hi Sondra,

    Yes it will fit nicely and I still can fit my truck with lots of room to spare. Here we have to block the side of the exposed driveay with slats or screening. I already have the slats . Now all I have to do is learn to back up if I get it.
    feeling good today the Zicam for colds worked better

  5. Hey Ryan,

    Cool thanks for letting me know.