Monday, February 23, 2015

Work In Progress

The painter showed up right on time this morning. He started with the gutters and that took half the morning. The prickly pair cactus had really taken hold in there. He said the gutter was almost filled with gunk to the top no wonder it was leaking into the shed. He had to remove some of the wood trim to get to the gutter. But all is replaced and other trim  pieces have been replaced do to dry rot. got lots of caulking done and luckily I had a couple tubes in the shed as he used all we bought the other day. Of course we are expecting rain tomorrow. At least we will know if the rain doesn't leak into the shed again.

I pulled lots of stuff off the porch this morning and had to stop and rest before I finished. A few pieces will have to stay as they are to heavy to bring down the steps but he can move them out of his way as he goes.

Good Night All


  1. Yay! Another thing you can check off the to-do list! :)

  2. Hi Sharon,
    It's 6:30 am and just started to pour down rain. Guess not painting will get done today

  3. WE have a snow day today!! BUT I will be painting later after a second cup of coffee and a warm up..I'm painting indoors of course. Hope you get sun tomorrow so he can get back at it!

  4. Good gutters sure prevent a lot of damage.

  5. Hi Sondra,

    It will be cold tomorrow morning but he has other things he can work on until it warms up. the shed still flooded so he needs to see what is going on. May need to tilt the gutter outward of something. But we should have sun.

    Hi Phyllis,

    These gutter as attached to the aluminum awning and are crap. Of course if they work right I guess they are OK after 14 yrs. I guess I shouldn't complain to much.