Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Checked It Out

Sure was a chilly night and early morning. Missed that extra blanket I took off the bed the other day.

I went and looked at the Little Apache Cruz camper today and I am in love. Big problem is I can't crank it up. I will need to get and 18 or 20 Volt drill and that should do the trick. For as old as this trailer is 1963 it is in very good condition. With a few little fixes I can have a great little camper

I would not have the dinette. I'll add a piece of wood between the seats and have a couch I have other cushions to add to the back. I did this in my MH and it worked out great for seating.

As you can see the counter  is very low but this way it doesn't need to be pulled down like in a pop up tent trailer. It has an ice box not a fridge. Had to explain this to the owner he said they only used it twice on day trips.  I want to go back again before I make my finale decision as it needs to be pulled out of the space for better examination  and to see if I can fold it back down. It was to un level And for some reason someone replaced the windows with plexi glass so one at a time I will replace them as you can't see out as they are all scratched  
The picture below is not the way it was in his yard I don't know where he got this picture.

image 1

I spent most of the day away from the house today and I felt fine. After being home about 10 min. I started to have problems breathing again and my nose was so stopped up it was terrible. It is the paint fumes even though it is outside painting it still is getting into the house. So tomorrow I will stay away as long as I can and then leave Friday and come back Monday and hopefully all the painting will be done.

Good Night All


  1. I love the Apache trailer.... Having had a tent trailer my hesitation would be that to pack and unpack, you first need to put it up. I know I couldn't do it anymore and I wouldn't want to. The advantage is they are much bigger inside than others you can tow of the same size. It is all about the compromises you are able to live with. It could be fixed up really cute.

  2. Hi Karen,

    I will have the truck for storage and for sleeping. The fact that this is a hard sided trailer is no wet canvas to deal with. But I still have to give it a try once more with the a drill if that doesn't work then back to the drawing board.

  3. That would def suit my needs...wish there was one near me for sale! I want something easy to store, easy to pull in heavy eastern traffic, and simple without all the "mechanical things" that can go wrong, as I read other RV'er blogs they have some mighty heafty repair bills. You can get a flexible solar system that you roll up and store when you're not in it on that flat roof when you're camping...I love it!

  4. Hi Sondra,

    The size is perfect will fit in my driveway. It will give me a place out of the weather when needed, Change my clothes while standing up(that is a biggie) Lots of widows to look out and see all around me. All I need is to learn how to back up. LOL

    Hi Ryan,

    Now all I have to do is work out the small details.

  5. Jo, I was so wrapped up in the Sheba situation that I missed that you had bought the Apache! It looks nice! Looking forward to seeing how you like camping in it!