Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Shame On Me!

Yesterday I felt so much better so I asked my grandson if it was OK to stop by.  So I picked up some lunch and picked up his mom and off we went to see this adorable tiny little person. I had been running around the house gathering things he asked for. I got half way to the house when I realized I had NO camera. AHHH I also forgot to bring the little hat I made for her. I used to be able to multi task but man old age has taken that over.  But OH is Arianna the sweetest little baby. If nothing else goes on this week I will go back with the camera. 

It was very windy yesterday and the cloud cover was thick. We didn't get much rain on this side of town but other parts got plenty.

I think what ever was ailing me last last week may have been a result of the pain smell. I was doing great until he started painting again this morning. I started to get all clogged up again and couldn't breath. I figured I needed to get away from the house.

I went and finally got my hair cut. She asked me if the top was short enough but without my glasses I couldn't tell. Well it wasn't and it looked really awful. The shopping trip was not to happen. I headed for home and had to rewash my hair and cut it much shorter on top, the rest was fine. I knew the painter would be gone by then.

Tomorrow I will head out to check out a little trailer that I have been wanting to look at. The guy sent me a text telling me the so called buyers never showed up. So will head out there tomorrow morning and see what is going on with the trailer. I'm not going to get to excited since it seems to not work out from others I have looked at. But I will keep a positive out look.

In any event an camping trip is planned for this weekend and I will bring the electric heater. Not going to freeze my butt off again. But the weather looks great with nice daytime temps and maybe hight 40's for nights.

Good Night All


  1. Good for you! You got to suck all the sweet new baby smells from Arianna! Glad you are doing better.

    Freezing my behind off here, Mingus Mountain has snow on it but it didn't get down to our yard. Thank goodness.

  2. Hi JMD,

    Yes I did to bad I didn't bring the camera.

    It turned cold here last night had to turn on the heat this morning, was wishing I hadn't take the extra blanket off

  3. Paint is smelly especially if he is using a sprayer..
    Hope that camper is the right one for you...we have more rain drizzle and gloomy weather!!

  4. Hi Sondra,

    He is using a roller and brush but the smell never bothered me before Oh well I will try to stay away as much as possible while he is painting. I'll be heading out in a bit to check it out.
    The weather is what it is for March here too.