Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Not Much

The weather has been really nice but still a bit breezy. Polo Verde and Mesquite trees are in bloom and causing most of this allergy problems for lots of people.

Went to Crochet class today and I am just about 2 rows from finishing the blue blanket. Next week I will see about finishing off the sides. By then I am sure I will already be working on the next one.

Tomorrow will be a little busy as Fred gets groomed at 8:30 am and at 10:30 he goes to the vet. I'm sure he will be thrilled with me after all that.

After I bring him home I will really have to go to Walmart and do some shopping, A trip I should have done today but... well I didn't hate shopping I go through this all the time.

I made a mashed cauliflower dish tonight I saw on Van Trekker's blog. I didn't have one of the ingredients but it was so good. I will make it more often and use it to replace mashed potatoes. I didn't make a copy of the recipe so I will try to remember tomorrow.

Good Night All


  1. I so understand about Fred, the cat loathes me after the nail clipping at the groomer's or when I give him eye meds. Very ugly.

  2. Mashed cauliflower sounds really good. I usually either eat it raw or cook it just barely, then top with salt, pepper, and cheddar. I love most all vegetables (no okra for me!)

  3. Hi JMD,

    I hope he won't sulk to much. He'll sit in his bed in the living room staring at the wall lol

    Hi Gypsy,

    It was sooo good I can't find the recipe in type anywhere so once I am done running around today I will sit and put it on my wp and publish tonight. I even love okra but it is a bit nasty to clean. Used to grow it.

  4. I tried a few recipes for mashed cauliflower. Done I've been in love with. Anxious to see yours.

  5. Fred will be one tired puppy tonight...I love cauliflower in any form! Yum.

  6. I have made mashed cauliflower before and was surprised at how good they were. My recipe used butter, cream, salt and black pepper. I have also seen recipes that used cream cheese.

  7. Hi Sharon,

    I have another one from Van Trekker that uses cottage cheese.
    There are so many things you can add to them.

  8. Hi Phyllis,
    I was surprised how well I liked it. Sometimes trying new things helps the taste.

    Hi Sondra,

    He was poor little guy but doing just fine.