Friday, March 20, 2015

Sunny Day

Yesterday was more rain and chilly weather.
But I did get my shopping done and stopped at my friend's house for coffee. 

Started the second blanket and this one looks to small. I will not be ripping it out either. If it is a lot smaller than the first one then I will make a new one and give that one to some one else. 

Today was a beautiful day and I sat out for a little while but I knew I had to get this house cleaned. I started in the computer room, did some shredding so I could empty out the can before I vacuumed. This room was so dusty I couldn't stand it. That wind we had really made a mess. I also got Fred's man cave cleaned up too. So it's all nice and clean and then I took a short break and sat on the porch and had a salad. 

I made it through the living room and kitchen. Tomorrow I will do my room and bathroom. Want to get done early so I can enjoy the weather. I'm sure I will have to spray weeds again now that it rained more. May have to run to Lowe's for more spray, and while I'm there I will buy my rocking chair for the porch.

I also think it's time for some new blinds in my room, I have had them a long time and they look ugly now. I like the 2" kind for the room they keep more light out and you can't see through them like the mini's.

So that's my story and I'm stickin to it.

Good Night All


  1. Send some of that sunshine here to Texas. Poured all day.

  2. I'm pulling and spraying weeds too. It's a never ending job.

    Re your comment on my blog, the Runaway Base Camp is $2495; add a/c, a front mounted cargo box, and graphics for $2995. I've always thought I would like a teardrop and you can't stand up in those either. Same with most tents, so I guess you mainly use them for sleeping or to keep out of the rain.

  3. Hi Phyllis,

    I heard it was raining there. That was what we had for 3 days. Hope it doesn't last much longer.

    Hi Gypsy,

    These Runaway trailers have more room than a Tear Drop but lack that little kitchen. You can sit up in the Tear Drop but not in a chair. That would be a more comfy thing for me. It's something to think about another option for sure.

  4. We've had some beautiful weather the last couple days had some rain but it wasn't a wash out just a shower..
    Sounds like you're doing spring cleaning...I'm thinking of going to matchstick blinds... like the roll up bamboo also.

  5. The roll up blinds won't work here the houses are to close and you can see through them. When I lived out in the middle of nowhere I had.