Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Hat For A Princess

Yesterday of course was exercise class went very well. Then did some things around the house.

Made a little hat for Jazmin Rae and working on one for Alonzo Armani.

I made the hat a little big since it will be way to hot to wear it until Fall.

I went to Walmart and picked up a few more things and the wrapping stuff.

When I got home there was some sad news and some worry some news too.

My daughters best friend passed away today at 28 yrs. She was a fun person but unknown to even her best friends she had a bad drinking problem and only towards the end did they realize how bad. One of my grandsons was in the hospital for a few issues, blood clot behind his left eye and mold in his lungs. They gave him meds and sent him on his way. Thanks Obama. Granddaughter spent the better part of the day at another hospital for dehydration and anemia. Kids just don't listen. She is home tonight and was told to stay put with her feet up to keep from  increased  contractions and to drink lots of water.

Good Night All


  1. Sorry bout all the sad news life has a way of reminding us just how precious it really is...love the little hat so very cute!!

  2. Hi Sondra,

    Thanks and yes it does. It seems the news was a little worse today no blood clot it's a tumor and a cyst on the lung not mold he is only 24. Just praying for a good outcome

  3. Sometimes life just gets ugly. I do hope that the kids do well with their treatment.

    Take care and don't stress out too much, OK?

  4. Hi Jim,

    The news got worse the first diagnoses was wrong and we wish it would have been that one.