Thursday, April 16, 2015

Pins an Needles

Did my exercise class yesterday but again it ran over. So from now on I will leave around 9:45 so I can shower and run to my crochet class. After a really hard work out I went straight to crochet and I felt filthy. Then I needed to run to the store to boot. Not doing that again. GROSS!

Then there was more news on my grandson. He does not have a blood clot he has a tumor behind the left eye. He has fluid and an abscess on his lung. He went in for them to remove the fluid today and we still haven't heard anything. So all we can do is wait on pins an needles to find out what the results of that are. We still haven't heard about what they will do about the tumor. I guess they want to clear the lung problems first.  He is a tough little shit and he just tries to keep his mom laughing but she is a wreck.

I kept very busy today really doing some heavy duty cleaning in my room. Moved as much furniture as I could to get the vacuum in those areas and used the wands to get as far under the bed as I could. These new bed frames sure don't allow you to move the bed with that leg in the middle. I need a new bed and was thinking maybe a full size instead of the queen. But then I can't use my head n foot board and I really love it. It is only adjustable for queen or king yet try and buy blankets and comforters for a queen bed and they only come in full or queen and they really don't fit the queen very well.  Also washed all the bathroom rugs and the  one I keep in front of my favorite chair.

Finished the little guys hat and forgot to take a picture of it and I already wrapped it up. I had to sew the little basketball emblem on and it wasn't easy. It was an iron on and it would have melted the yarn, sure glad I have a thimble  I wrapped all the gifts today so I could get everything put away into the closet. My little crochet corner was really getting piled up and looking pretty sloppy. 

After exercise class tomorrow I will continue my cleaning. With all the wind we have been having everything is coated in a very fine dust even though I just did a really good job last week and ran a swifter around after that.

So I think I'm done for today the kitchen has been all cleaned up from dinner and now to relax.

Good Night All


  1. Jo, the wind has been crazy bad here and I have stayed inside until I am a wild woman.

    I will pray for the grandson (name?), that is scary information to hear but on the bright side he is being seen by the Dr.'s and that is positive.

    Sounds like you have been a house on fire, I need to kick it up a notch or two. I have been waiting to paint inside until the We shall see.

  2. Jo, I sure do hope they can cure the little guy's problems. It sounds scary, but it does no good to worry.

    I feel like a slug when I read about all your crochet projects! :)

  3. I think my spring cleaning will have to wait till Summer this year although I have been scanning my bedroom for items are slated for going to the goodwill! I have collected some clutter of little things people me, and Im not attached to so out they go! Hope the Grandson gets some good news does he live nearby or not?

  4. I'm a real slug when it comes to cleaning, but I never was too worried about it and now that I'm older I care even less. I mostly do only what I have to do. I think your grandson's attitude is wonderful, and that is important to being cured. I hope all goes well with him.

  5. Hi JMD,

    I have been wanting to paint my room for about a year. lol Even gave it a thought this morning.

    The wind is getting annoying I'm sick of it too. Better news on grandson Danny last night.

    Hi Sharon,
    Little guy is 6' 2 and is doing better.

    The crochet projects have all been for my granddaughters twins glad they are done and wrapped.

    Hi Sondra,

    My spring cleaning was brought on my the necessity to keep my mind away from the problem of the day. And we did have some good news.
    I keep looking for you to post update on project house.

    Hi Gypsy,

    I'm not all the good at house keeping anymore but then things get to much for me and I start cleaning like a crazy person. When its all done it feels really good.