Friday, April 17, 2015


Finding out the tumor was benign was wonderful now if we can just get him to have it removed. He had the abscess removed from his lung today and that seems to have gone well too. I think we need to give him some space before we start pushing for the eye surgery. And I think his cousins would have more luck getting him to do that than his mom or any others of the older generation. We all had a huge load lifted off us today.

Want to thank everyone for their kind words and well wishes.

Of course today was exercise class and I was happy to see I am getting a little more limber of course I have a long way to go still. A very long way at that.

It was very cold this morning and I was glad I hadn't turned off the furnace yet. It was 59 degrees in here. I turned it up so I could jump in the shower. I don't mind the cooler temps one bit. It was already getting to hot for me. It warmed up to about 73 for the high.

I should go out and take pictures tomorrow the cactus are in bloom and are beautiful.

Good Night All


  1. Im always glad to see the cooler weather too.

  2. Gosh I missed your previous post....but am now caught back up. So glad that the news was good, you must all be so relieved!

  3. I agree it's probably best for your grandson to hear it from those his age. They look at things differently than the older folks, and while they may recommend the same treatment, it might be for a different reason.

  4. Hi Trouble,
    Yep cooler not colder

    Hi Karen,

    Yes it was such a great relief to get the news.

    Hi Gypsy,

    All these kids grew up together and are all about the same age. So they are very tuned into each other and will talk at great length about all things. So I'm confident he will listen to them.

  5. Most welcome news. Blessings come in bunches!

  6. Aww good news I cant imagine Lung surgery is fun, so maybe let that memory fade a bit, now the tumor is behind the eye so how is that accomplished? Go through the sinus cavity?

  7. Hi JMD,

    Yes most welcome new indeed.

    Hi Sondra,

    This turned out really good. I don't know how they remove the tumor. Maybe we can get him to give us more information when he is feeling better. Seems he has some pain but the meds make him sick.

  8. Glad to everything's ok! Woke up to some snow up here Friday

  9. Continued good thoughts for your grandson.