Monday, April 6, 2015

Dang Wind

Yesterday Easter , I filled the fountain and Fred and I took our places on the porch. I had my coffee and Fred had is bone. It was really nice and relaxing. I read and played hand held solitaire. The birds were singing.

Then the wind came up and it was all over. Had to move inside as all the Palo Verde trees are in bloom and allergies are bad again with all this wind.

This morning was exercise class and it sure was another great workout. By time I came home the winds were blowing like mad again. So the rest of the day was spent indoors again.

Good Night All


  1. We had a tiny rain so it knocked the pollen back a bit we sure need it, the ground is yellow with all the pine pollen. Since Pine Trees are now the number one cash crop in SC we have way MORE than natural/normal amounts of it everything gets covered in a thick layer. Sitting on the porch sounds like the perfect way to spend Easter...we did nothing special, I was painting!

  2. It was really windy at our house yesterday also. I hid inside to avoid more allergy issues.

  3. Hi Sondra,

    That pine pollen is really something awful, at least I will miss it when I finally get up north this year. Which is a really good thing. Rain here just makes things worse it seems. I should be running errands now before the winds come back instead of sitting here.
    Can't wait for you update on the project.

    Hi JMD,

    I'm hoping today will be the end of the winds I hate being locked up in the house I have projects I want to do in the camper.

  4. Sorry to hear the allergies are giving you such a fit. Mine are kicking in a little bit, too. Take care! We've also had recent rains and it's made the situation a lot better. It makes me hope for a rainy spring! -- VT